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For full disclosure purposes, I received the SKNY Box for free in return for an honest review. I was not paid to write this review and all opinions of the product received are my own.
About a week ago, I received I received a package in the mail from a company called SKNY Box. They are a wellness & fitness subscription box that is designed to inspire people to make better choices with their food and in their lifestyle.

Who's behind SKNY Box?
Gina & Jess are sisters and are the team behind SKNY Box. Gina is a single mum of two toddlers who is passionate about shedding baby weight and over the last 12 months, she has lost over 3 stones! Jess is an award winning scriptwriter and a health conscious nut. She has battled with sickle cell anemia all her life and has  always been interested in nutrition and creating a stronger, healthier body.

What is SKNY Box's Aim?
Gina & Jess want to make losing weight and being healthy easy and fun. They want to empower people with great ideas to help them reach their long term health goals and maintain them!

About the SKNY Box
SKNY sounds like skinny but actually stands for Stronger, Knowledgeable, New, You. The SKNY box has something to eat, something to cook and something to do. It is made up of 6 to 8 items which include a range of snacks, food, drinks, a spice & recipe kit and a fitness plan.

There are three plans for the SKNY boxes(prices exclude P&P): Monthly(£15), Quarterly(£40) and a Six Monthly Plan(£75).

This Months Box(November)
Like I mentioned above, the box comes with 6-8 snack/food/drink items and can contain sweet or savoury food, some full size and some sample sizes. The box also comes with a product guide to tell you what the items are inside the box, along with the fitness plan for that month.
Following on from the 'eat, cook, do' method, here is what was in this months box for food and drink:
Eat This
Propercorn  –  109 calories.
Nakd – 143 calories
Oloves – 50 calories.
Soffles Pitta Chips – 256 Calories
Try This
Beauty Candy – 0 Calories.
Nosh Raw – 0 Calories
Natvia – 0 Calories
Hampstead Tea – 80 Calories
Cook This
Kabuto Noodles – 320 Calories 
Spice & Recipe Kit from Flavour Magic
Do This
30-DAY Winter Transformation Plan

I loved pretty much every single item in this box apart from Olives as I despise them and I haven't tried the Spice & Recipe kit. My favourites from the box were the Propercorn and the Soffles Pitta Chips, both were freakin' delicious and I would buy them in a heart beat if I saw them in the shop.

I had the Kabuto noodles for lunch and they were great and very filling, the green tea drink was refreshing and the Natvia filled my depleting stock!

I am currently doing the 30 Day Fat Buster Winter Workout Plan that came with the box. It contains a schedule for the workouts that you should aim to complete over the course of a month, it is a combination of weight training and HIIT training. The fitness plan also contains a breakdown of each of the exercises to do for each workout set as well as the times, reps and sets.
What's The Verdict?
I love that there is so a variety of different products in the box and its a great way to try out new and discover new companies and foods that you might not necessarily try.

As someone that is trying to lose some extra weight and is conscious of  the foods I am eating, SKNY box have done a great job of choosing products that fit in with their mission. All the products in the box are healthy and relatively clean with few ingredients.

I also think that the fitness plan is an amazing part of the box and is a great way to get inspired and motivated to move more, especially when a plan has already been designed for you to follow along to.

I think that the SKNY Box ladies have a fantastic concept with this box and I really hope that they are successful. The SKNY box would be fantastic for anyone that needs that extra push of motivation to get healthier and move more, or even those that like to discover new healthy brands/companies.

Where to find SKNY Box
Update 10/03/2018 - SKNY Box no longer exists so there are no website links.
Offer on SKNY Box
The lovely ladies at SKNY Box have given me a discount code for all my readers to use so that you can get 50% off your first subscription, which applies across all of their plans. That means that you can get your first box for as little as £6.25 per month, bargain or what?!

Just use the code LAURA1 at checkout.
Code is valid until 12th December 2014 for all new subscribers.

Question: Are you signed up to any subscription box services? what do you think of subscription box services?

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  1. @Wellbeing Adventure Thanks Jenny! I agree, something like a subscription box coming through the post each month always makes me excited to wonder whats coming next! I'm definitely excited for the next box! :)

  2. This does look good. I hadn't heard of this box before so thanks for the info :-)

  3. @Helen Monger Thanks Helen! Always happy to share products that I think are great and might benefit others! :)


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