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Hi Everyone! Hope you're having a great week. 

I completely forgot about posting this yesterday but I'm back for another check in with weight, measurements and pics for this month. I wasn't hoping for any results this month, the weather turned colder and I got lazy and lost control. My eating has been all over the place and my motivation to workout has been next to none, although, I'm getting back on track now.

However, I cant let the cold, horrid weather be an excuse for sitting on my butt gaining weight so I'm taking the necessary actions to getting back on track.

Obviously, we all know that December is the time for parties, celebration and lots of food, so I'm not expecting dramatic results in January when I write my next post but hopefully I can be in control of my eating, enjoy the holidays but also try and keep my weight in check too.

For now, lets get into my stats for this month!

Last Weeks Weight: 152.2 lbs

This Weeks Weight: 153 lbs

Loss/Gain This Week: +0.8 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 105 lbs
No surprise here. Like I said, I've been lazy now it's gotten cold and I didn't expect much movement. You don't get results from the work you didn't put in.

The weight gain I'm pretty sure is water weight. I had a long run on the weekend, haven't been for that long of a run in a while and had some soreness so sure to be retaining some water, that and the fact that it's that time of the month(TMI, I know). So yeah.

I've been on the scale maybe once or twice during the month but certainly a lot less than I usually do so I think that obsession is slowly going. I'm not as fussed with the scales and the number that much now, so I wont dwell on it.


Last Months Measurements:
Neck: 12 | Chest: 32 | Waist: 29 | Belly: 36 | Hips: 35.5
Left Bicep: 11.5 | Right Bicep: 12 | Left Forearm: 9 | Right Forearm: 9
Left Thigh: 23 | Right Thigh: 23.5 | Left Calf: 15.5 | Right Calf: 16

Changes this month:
Waist - 28 - Down 1 Inch | Belly - 35 - Down 1 Inch | Hips - 36 - Up .5 Inch

I was surprised to see a drop in measurements in the waist and belly area this month as there certainly doesn't look like there have been many changes and I can't say I've done any working out for those areas to warrant me loosing inches there.

It is possible that I measured in a different place from last time, but unless I tattoo myself with markings, I'm never going to be able to get exactly the same point for measurements each month.

Like I said with measurements, its the same here, I can't always take the pictures in the same place, but hopefully I can at least get the same distance away from the camera for the photos.

For next month, I will try and take pictures in the same place so that its easier to see whether or not I can see a difference. The light in a room can definitely make you look like you've lost or gained weight.

Hopefully I can get back on track and make some progress for the new year! Wish me luck! :)

Question: Tell me, did you set any goals for November? if so, how did you do? Have you got any for December?

If you take measurements, is there a way that you take your measurements, do you have a set place to take your measurements from so that they're accurate each time you take them or is it bound to fluctuate?

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