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We're back for another Christmas Gift Guide! and this time, I thought I'd do a generic Health and Fitness guide. If you didn't catch my gift guide for runners, you can check that out HERE or my Yoga gift guide HERE
So, if you or someone you know is conscious about their health and fitness and likes to take care of themselves, then hopefully you will be able to find something in this gift guide!

Fitness Trackers
There are so many fitness trackers available on the market today. Fitness and Activity trackers can be used to monitor your activity throughout the day and more often than not, when people buy an activity monitor, they can come to the realization that they aren't as active as they think they are.

Fitness trackers can actually become quite addictive and almost become an everyday game that you play where you rack up as many steps/points as possible. A few fitness trackers today also have an online community where you can compare and compete with other people.

Here are just a few of the most popular ones that I've either used myself or have heard about!

1) Misfit Shine 2) Garmin Vivofit 3) Jawbone Up 4) Fitbit

Subscription Services
There are some fantastic subscription services on the market at the moment that range from food, to clothing, to accessories so there's usually something for everyone if you are into your health and fitness.

For a health and fitness fanatic, they are usually on the lookout for the new trend and new brands and subscription services are a fantastic way of doing that. They are usually a monthly service where new products are sent out each month for people to try out with lots of different brands.

1) Fabletics  2) SKNY Box 3) Fuelify 4) LifeBox 5) Jogg Box

Water Bottles
I think it's safe to say that drinking water is a fundamental part of peoples lifestyles to improve their health and fitness. I used to struggle with drinking water throughout the day, often forgetting to drink. A water bottle, especially a good looking one encourages me to drink more water throughout the day.

Better yet, if you are not too keen on drinking water on its own, I've also included to water infusers that allow you to put fruit etc in the bottle to give the water some flavour!

1) Brita 2) Aqua Zinger 3) Thermos 4) Bobble Bottle

There's nothing more annoying than having your earphones fall out during a hard core workout or a run! It's completely distracting when you have to keep putting them back in and can put you off your workout/run. Here are a few popular choices for headphones/earphones for workouts and running:

1) Jaybirds 2) Beats by Dre 3) AfterShokz 4) Yurbuds

A diary is a perfect gift at christmas time for those that want to keep organised in the next coming year and are perfect for people that love to plan.

A diary or journal is a great way to keep track of your health and fitness, your diet and fitness routines. You can record your weight, sets and reps that you do in the gym, your runs, your targets, goals and much more!

1) Daily Journal 2) FitBook 3) 5 Minute Journal


There you have it! I hope this has given you some ideas of gifts for you or a health & fitness fanatic in your life this Christmas!

I've still got a gift guide coming up for Foodies and might put up a Gym Junkie gift guide too if I have time! I'm hoping to get the foodie gift guide up this weekend for sure!

Have a fantastic Christmas! :)

Question: Tell me, whats on your Christmas list this year? Have you done all your Christmas Shopping?

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  1. Great guide Laura, I really need to invest in some decent earphone for running & your guide will be very useful. Thanks

  2. Thanks @Maureen :) I have the Yurbuds headphones which are great. I did a review on them HERE if you're interested :)


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