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We're back for the last of my Christmas Gift Guides! I wont be able to fit ina  gym gift guide in before christmas! I thought it would be good to do a foodie gift guide.

If you didn't catch my gift guide for runners, you can check that out HERE or my Yoga gift guide HERE and my Health and Fitness gift guide HERE!
I've included to main sections for the foodies in your life that might help you find gifts for them. Hopefully I covered the main gifts that a foodie might like to receive this christmas!

Snack Bars / Protein Bars
Snack Bars/Protein bars and just food in general are things you can't really go wrong with and something that pretty much everyone will appreciate. I've picked a mix of snack bars and protein bars that I'm familiar with and I've had before.

Obviously, if you're gluten free or have specific tolerances to food, then you'd need to pick and choose which ones work best for you but I'm certain there are choices for everyone :)

1) Bounce Balls 2) Emily's Fruit Crisps 3) Frank Bars 4) Quest Bars 5) 9 Bars 6) Square Bars 7) Battle Oats 8) Nakd Bars

Tupperware / Storage
Tupperware is something that most foodies already have or always need more of. Tupperware is particularly handy for those who food prep or even those who bake and need  storage for their baked goodies!

Kilner Jars are also a popular choices for smoothies and overnight oats!

I've picked some popular tupperware choices that I think foodies would enjoy and they look better than your average tupperware boxes!

1) Kilner Jars 2) Happy Jackson Lunch Boxes 3) Sistema Tupperware

Healthier Baking
Although not necessarily a common gift at Christmas time, you could make up a hamper of healthier baking goodies and ingredients for those that like to cook and bake on a regular basis. Here are some of the baking ingredients and brands that I like to use when trying to bake healthier. Why not combine some baking ingredients with some new bakeware too?

1) Lucy Bee Coconut Oil  2) Minvita 3) Linwoods 4) Sukrin

Like I mentioned above, it might be a good idea to get the baker/cook in your life some new tins to cook on/in? You can get baking tins virtually anywhere these days, but a few suppliers that come to mind are:

Kitchen Equipment
For a foodie, a piece of equipment to help with baking is always a big one for their lists!

The most popular item for foodies that I've seen recently is the Nutribullet to make smoothies and nut butters with. Kitchen Aid/Food Mixer is another popular choice and makes things SO much easier!

Theres also some weird and wonderful pieces of equipment on the market, one of which includes a Spiraliser that you can use to create noodles from all sorts of vegetables such as carrots and zuccini.

1) Nutibullet 2) Kitchen Aid 3) Spiralizer

And that's it for my gift guides this year. I hope all of my guides have given you some sort of idea of what to get the health and fitness junkies in your life. I certainly enjoyed making them and they've deffo given me ideas for my Christmas list.

Have a fantastic Christmas! :)

Question: Have you done all your Christmas shopping? Are you a pre-planner on buying your Christmas presents or do you leave it till the last minute?

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  1. Love all of these suggestions! I can't wait til I have my own place (where I'm not moving around every couple of months)! *-*

  2. Thanks @Farrah :) Hope you settle soon! :) Have a great Christmas and New Year! :)


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