Surgery // Quick Update - 7 Month Post Op


I thought I'd do a quick 7 month update. I went to see Mr Russo, my surgeon, this morning for a checkup. I'd previously seen another surgeon just as a checkup on my tummy. He told me that he thought the little bump I had below my belly button was excess fat and loose skin and would probably result in needing revision surgery.

I wanted to see Russo just to see if he thought the same thing. Russo in fact thinks that the bump is still swelling. The area below my belly button is still numb, which Russo says is usually an indication that swelling is still present in that area. He does think that there might be a tiny bit of fat left over but we will review at my 1 year post op mark to see how the swelling is getting on.

Overall though, he is pleased with my results and doesn't have any concerns. He advises that I keep the area compressed, I've been wearing spanx since my 3 month appointment. They suck so much, but if it will help to reduce the left over swelling, then I'll have to keep wearing them.

I did have a concern that I addressed, which was that I was up in weight since surgery by about 7 lbs. He was a little shocked but said that it's not abnormal and that I should try to at least get back down to my pre-surgery weight.. easier said than done!

I asked whether or not my results would be reversed if I lost more weight(more concerned with the boob area than my tummy), he said it would slightly affect my results in the boob area but not by much.

This TERRIFIES me. I've spent so much money getting the surgery, I really don't want to have the results even slightly reduced so I'm kind of in a predicament and it makes me scared to lose the weight.

I know you can't spot reduce fat so I would have to drop my body fat % which means it could quite easily come off my boobs first rather than other areas. Siiiigh.. I'm just lost on what to do. I'm currently asking for advice from other BA patients to see if anyone has been in a similar situation.

Here are some current body shots to see the belly bump that I'm talking about.
Pretty happy with how my body looks in general and everything is much better than it was before surgery, just wish this bump would be gone and I could tone up/lose body fat without reversing the results of my surgery!

Waaaaaaa... :(

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  1. Oh Laura - I wish I knew what to advise, it's so easy for a Dr to say 'Hey girl, just lose 7lbs' and your sitting there thinking 'Oh it's that easy right?'. I do understand what you mean about losing on your breasts (looks down at own fried eggs), I found that more HIIT, Kettlebell workouts helped reduce fat but as humans we are all so different and of course it's not one for all!. I do hope with all the great advice out there from other patients helps you find right the right way to go..

  2. Thanks @Katie G It's incredibly frustrating. It's been a battle to try and get back to pre-surgery weight and he's telling me I should.. but at the same time, if I drop the weight I could reverse some of my surgery results.. I really just don't know what to do.

    If I drop body fat and my boobs start sagging, I know I will have wasted money and be disappointed.. but at the same time, i might drop the fat and nothing changes.. I just don't know if I want to run that risk :/

    Hopefully the other ladies can help advise me

  3. I've never been in the same position but firstly remember the fat vs. muscle weight debate - doctors are really into weight as a measurement but you're much better off with measurements. I'd try to reshape using weights - go as heavy as you can go! - and it doesn't solve everything but chest presses will really build the muscles that sit underneath, between, and to the sides of your breasts. It won't guarantee no sagging but the area around will be more toned.

  4. @squatbot Thanks Sarah! :) I don't have a gym membership but I do have some dumbbells and Kettle bells so I will have to make do with those and body weight exercises!


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