Sum It Up.. Sunday


Hi Lovelies! I hope this week has been treating you well and that you've had a great weekend!

It's that time again to fill you in on what I've been getting up to this week!
Swimming - Was different this week. We went back with our usual teacher, which I complained about in my post last week, however, she was SO much better this week.

I noticed everyone else in the class was struggling with the front crawl.. so I told her I just couldn't get the rotate in the water.. others piped up and we went back to basics so that helped a lot. Although I still can't do the rotate in the water, I'm slowly learning the technique and I hope it wont be long before I can do it, at least for longer than I am

Running x 3 - I got in a short run on Thursday -  I was running late and had to cut my run short, that and the fact that it was freaking cold and icy and I had two mini heart attacks from slipping on the pavement.

However! On a more positive note, because I was rushing so much, I managed to run a 8:40 min/mile pace for my first mile which I was happy about! I've not been able to do under 9 min/miles for about a year!

Then I had 2 runs this weekend, a 4 miler and a 2 miler. Both were OK runs!

Other than that, I've not done anything else exercise wise other than walking. We had a massive switch in weather lately and it's FREEZING. As a result, I've been struggling to find the motivation to get out of a warm bed to workout. I've had a week to adjust to the weather change, now I can get back to a proper schedule!

Food has had it's highs and lows this week. Some parts of my week food wise has been on point. My actual meals are great and I'm making healthy choices. However, snacking has been ridiculous.

My meals contain plenty of protein and nutrients that should keep me feeling full until my next meal. Instead, I literally feel as though I've been none stop eating. I don't know if it's because it's got cold or not.. but it sucks!

I really need to get it under control next week.. and thank f*ck I'm not weighing in on Monday.. I don't want to see what the number says.

Plan For Next Week

I made some plans last week, they didn't go quite go as expected. I know I complained about the weather but it shouldn't be a problem when I'm working out indoors(and now that the heating has FINALLY been put on ;) )

So I want my sole focus this week to be on getting into a proper routine in the morning and making sure my eating is right REGARDLESS of the cold. I can still workout indoors and you can't out exercise a bad diet, so I need to focus on both of these!

I want to run at least 3 times next week and try to do some sort of workout everyday, whether that's Yoga or a workout video, just something extra to get me moving!

With regards to eating, I just want to be more sensible. Get my snacking under control, drink lots of water(or tea) and try and have a good week of food choices!

Fingers Crossed!

Question: Am I the only one that struggles with the motivation to get out of bed, where its lovely and warm.. and go out into the cold?

And anyone have their moments when it's cold and you feel like you're always hungry?

Please let it not just be me!

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