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For full disclosure purposes, I am in no way affiliated with Fabletics. I paid for the Fabletics Outfit with my own money. I was not paid to write this review and all opinions of the product received are my own. However, as part of Fabletics there is a referral program and if you use my links, I will receive credits for a future order, at no cost to you.


Fabletics is a workout range that is co-founded by Kate Hudson and JustFab, they offer workout essentials such as sports bras, shorts, tights, vests and jackets. It is a subscription service where every month they bring out new designs and recommend their top picks to you based on your preferences.

You have the option to buy an outfit selected for you that month, or skip that month and wait. Prices for a whole outfit(typically 2 or 3 piece) start at £44. If you sign up as a VIP member to the site, you get your first outfit half price/for as little as £22!

When signing up on the website, you take a quiz which will help to pick your personalized outfits.

My First Fabletics Outfit
After you're done with the quiz, you'll be provided with your outfit choices! Of course, if you don't like those choices, you can pick others :)

I chose the 'Outlet' outfit which has a sports bra, compression tights and a long sleeved shirt.
You can select the specific sizes that you want for each of the items, you don't have all the items the same size :)

My Thoughts
I'm SO impressed with the quality of all the items that I got! I've worn all of the items during workouts. I've worn the full outfit during Yoga practice and it's functional, no pulling up the leggings or anything falling out!
I wore the tights for a run as they're compression. They fit great, I didn't have to keep pulling them up and they kept me warm. They have a hidden pocket at the top of the leggings, they're moisture wicking and have four-way stretch.

The bra is fantastic and completely seamless so you don't even feel it on and the back is gorgeous!

The top is SO multi-functional, it has a cross-over part and the back is mostly open but what I love about the top is that it can be worn either way round, it can be open at the back and at the front, so its versatile!
Overall, I just think the items, the quality and how stylish they are is great and I'm definitely going to be buying more outfits in the future.

The Fine Print
So, as I mentioned earlier, you can get your first outfit for as little as £22, there are a couple of things you need to do for this. You still get a discount after your first outfit, but not as much of a discount.
- You need to join as a VIP member, everyone signs up as VIP, there is no extra cost.
- You get 50% off your first outfit as long as you make a purchase within the first 24 hours of signing up!
- As its a monthly subscription service, you need to cancel your membership if you don't want to receive outfits each month. On the 1st to the 5th of each month, you have the option to skip that month if you don't want an outfit. If you don't skip within that time, you will be charged.
- If you only want the first outfit at 50% discount, you can ofc completely cancel your membership by calling Fabletics.

If you want to enjoy Fabletics and their clothes and take advantage of the great quality and great price, then head on over to Fabletics HERE and give them a go!

That's it!

Question: Have you heard of Fabletics? Are you already a member? What do you think?

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  1. I love the print on the leggings, and that top looks lovely on you! It's also good to see that they have a good range of sizes on the site too. It's definitely something to think about :-)

  2. I've seen this deal a lot! I had wondered if the quality was good! ...I really wanna try them, but I need new workout outfits like I need a hole in the head! haha! ...cute outfit though! :) x

  3. @Elle Linton I'd seen it loads too, so I took the leap! I love their designs and every month there are always new pieces. I'm definitely having to restrict myself, I dont NEED more workout clothes but seem to have every reason under the sun for wanting them ;)

  4. I love fabletics. I've always wondered about the top you got. I couldn't decide how to wear it but I really like the way you have it. I might need to get one! Good review.

  5. When I am out of student debt, this is the monthly subscription box that I really want in my life. <3

  6. @Renee Thanks! Yeah, I love the top and the great thing is that I can wear it as normal day clothes as an open back shirt and no-one would know the difference ;)

  7. @Farrah Sounds like a good excuse! I spend more on fitness/health things than I do anything else! ;)

  8. I keep eyeing up Fable tics, I think I might just have to make a purchase as this outfit looks so lovely on you!! Xx

  9. @Jordan Burrell Thanks Lovely! The items are pretty good quality and I like that they bring out new pieces each month, it's always different :)

  10. @Steph I was drawn to the print! They have other prints too which I might have to get! I was so impressed with their quality though, especially for the price! Having lots of sizes is always a plus! :)


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