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Shame, Disgust, Guilt? Do you feel any of these after giving into the temptation or overeating with 'not so healthy' foods?

Food should be something that we enjoy. Instead, sometimes eating foods can become something that we beat ourselves up over.

Nowadays, foods either have a label of 'good' and 'healthy' or 'bad' and 'unhealthy'. By labeling foods this way, we're conditioning ourselves to avert from the bad foods. However, when temptation becomes inevitable or we give in, we instantly feel terrible about it.

I personally don't think there is any such thing as 'bad' food, however, certain foods such as highly processed foods should be eaten less frequently than others.

Is there a way for you to break the cycle of being guilty after eating certain foods and instead strike a healthy balance?

Of course there is!

Here are some scenarios that mostly come to mind when I think of this topic and ways to strike the balance..

You're going to the cinema with a bunch of your friends and you tell yourself you won't be tempted by any of the treats there. All your friends are buying all their treats for the movie and you're broken by the temptation. You end up with a large popcorn and some ice cream!

Recognise the places where you are most likely to over eat. Come prepared, bring your own healthier alternatives, eat something before you go, so you are less like to want to eat whilst you are there.


You're stressed or something is making you upset, so you reach for your comfort foods, whether that's chocolate or something sweet and after eating, this actually makes you feel worse!

Find something to help you relax, something to take your mind of the problem or change your mood. I can vouch and say that exercise is something that I do in this situation. Running and yoga specifically allow me to have time to myself and I zone out. Any exercise actually is great to take your mind off the issue at hand. 

If you're not big on exercise, do something else! Read a book, run yourself a nice bubble bath, watch a movie! Anything to take your mind off food.


Every time that you open the cupboards or the fridge, you're faced with a plethora of temptations staring back at you.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Replace the temptations with healthier alternatives. Keep treats out of the house or only keep them in small portions.

Obviously, this isn't for everyone, as sometimes this is unavoidable. In my household, there are family members that don't particular care about healthy eating or about maintaining their weight and will keep sweets, chocolates and biscuits in the cupboards.

If this is the case, maybe try having a separate cupboard for all of your food items so there is no need to go into another cupboard, buy healthier snacks for yourself that you can reach for. Some people even stick up photographs of themselves, or inspiration so they're reminded of what they're working for!


You try to avoid having a treat but then your mind becomes fixated on it and you finally cave! And sometimes, when you've had one small treat, such as a biscuit, your find yourself continuing until the whole pack has gone!

Rather than avoiding ALL treats, why not allow yourself a couple of small portions, a few times each week. It will satisfy your cravings and you will be more in control!

Throughout my whole weigh loss journey, I've always said that moderation is key! I've never restricted any sorts of food, instead I allow them in moderation throughout the week, otherwise, you end up in a situation where you crave the things you know you can't have and binge on them.


You overdo it with food, you binge on a treat. You feel bad and then you feel that since the damage is done, you'll carry on with your habits and 'start again Monday'.

DON'T let one meal, treat, or even a bad day set you back. Accept that you slipped up and get right back on the bandwagon!

I think this is the key to remember from this whole post. Eating the occasional treat, whether that be chocolate, a cookie, a packet of crisps or a cake should NOT make you feel bad or guilty and should be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

It's all about the balance!

Question: How do you create a balance between 'good' and 'bad' foods?

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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly here Laura - When I first started my weight loss I went mad for 9 weeks: I banned a lot of carbs/chocolate etc etc and then when I started eating more but 80/20 the weight came off just as fast.
    Now I'm just maintaining and trying to fit for fitness/health I don't deny myself anything, I love 80% wholesome balanced meals and 20% I will eat a cookie or cake or a twirl and I won't beat myself up like I have for so many year's.
    I do think it's better to have a cookie each week rather than absolutely nothing and then go completely and utterly haywire and eat everything in sight! Also we don't tend to keep masses of chocolate etc in out of sight out of mind at home works best for me..

  2. I agree Laura, it's all about balance and not getting obsessed with reaching certain numbers.

  3. @Katie G Right at the start of my weight loss, i just tried to cut out all the bad things. It really was a bad idea, it didn't last very long at all. A majority of the time I was craving the bad stuff and then bingeing on it.

    Now, Moderation really is key for me. If I want something, I'll have it, just because I know that if I don't satisfy the craving or if I try to restrict, I'll end up in a worse situation.

    I'm just a pure sucker for sweet treats.. I wish I wasn't.. but it's not gonna happen


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