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If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that since the weather has been colder, I have been struggling with motivation to get out and run. I've been forcing myself to get out and run and thankfully I have some supportive people that give me the encouragement to get out and just do something!

The one thing that motivates me and fuels me to go out for a run is having something to work for. I have a 10km run coming up on New Years Eve and I want to do it in under an hour so  I NEED to get out and get my runs done. I highly recommend that you have a race or multiple races throughout the colder seasons to help motivate you to still get out in the cold!

That's where this post comes in!
On Sunday, Feb 1st, 15,000 people(myself included!) will be braving with winter weather and running through London on a beautiful 10km course that takes you round some of London's most famous landmarks including The London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben, Tower of London and many more.

If that isn't enough, there are Snow-Zones on the course to run through too! We didn't get to see much snow last year, I'm not sure if we will this year either so this is a bonus! There's Polar Bear Hugs at the finish too, you bet I'll be getting a picture with them! ;)
I'm excited just at the thought of this race. If it excites you too and you want a race for the winter season, then sign up HERE! Tickets are £39 per person up until the 15th December 2014, they will then go up to £45.  If you enter the code KISDISCOUNT, you can get £3 off your entry price!
You can find out more about the London Winter Run at:

Let me know if you're planning on going!

Question: How do you keep motivated during the winter months? Do you have any races planned for the winter time?

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  1. I've just spotted this post! I really need the motivation during the winter months. I'm a new runner and have found motivating myself very hard the past couple of weeks. I will look into this winter run, it sounds like a lot of fun! x

  2. @Liz I've been struggling myself to get out of bed and go run in the mornings now that its gotten so cold. That's why I think races are great, I typically would have just stayed in bed but I know I need to get in the training for a race so it's motivation and a reason for going out! :)

    This race sounds fantastic so I really wanted to do it and who doesn't want a polar bear hug at the finish?!

    If you decide to sign up! Remember to use the discount from the picture to get £3 off! :) x


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