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It's almost Christmas! Don't ask me how it happened! This year has gone by so fast! I thought it would be a good idea to do a Christmas Gift Guide to help people find some ideas for gifts for either yourself or for someone else!

I know for me, this time ends up being so stressful and hectic as I have no idea what to get people. So if you need some ideas, this is the right place to be!

This Gift Guide is going to be for the RUNNERS in your life!
Over the next week or two, I'll also be sharing gift guides for Yoga, Food and some general health and fitness gifts!

Running Gadgets - High Budget

Obviously, this is a bigger purchase item but something I'm sure that every runner would want if they haven't got one already! There are SO many choices for running watches, some have more features than others and therefore the price ranges based on these too.

Here are some of the most popular brand choices for running watches.
1) Garmin 620/220  2) Tom Tom Runner Cardio 3) Adidas MiCoach Smart Run

I personally have a Garmin 620(pictured #1) and LOVE it(Review HERE). It's such a great tool that is used to monitor runs and  help improve and track distance and speed.

Running Gadgets - Low Budget
If you're not as interested in all the nifty features, there are lower budget watches for running that still do the most important thing of tracking distance and pace.

1) Garmin Forerunner 15 2) Polar M400

Winter Essentials
There's no denying that winter gear is essential for having a good run when it starts getting cold and icy! Nothing sucks more than a run where you can't ever seem to get warm and just feel stiff! Keep your lovely runner cosy and warm on their run with some of these winter essentials!

1) Ronhill Bobble Hat 2) Sealskinz Gloves 3) Buffwear Reflective 4) Wiggle Running Base Layers 5) Yaktrax Ice Grips

Hi-Viz Gear
One of the most important things during the dark winter months is to stay safe and visible! Usually high-vis gear is something runners already have but if not! Why not get them something to make them bright and visible at night?!

1) Unilite Head Torch 2) Reflective Vest  3) Nathan Light Spur 4) Nathan LightBender

Buy a selection of energy gels, chews and hydration tablets. Pick some different flavours and brands so they can try out different products. There's even a Subscription box called Fuelify which is a fuel box for runners with 6-8 fuel selections!

1) Nuun Hydration Tablets 2) GU Gel 3) Clif Shot Bloks 4) Fuelify

Massage & Recovery
There are so many different types of recovery equipment out there for runners to use. The use of these recovery tools can assist in running injury prevention and aid recovery efforts. 

1) Sweaty Betty Compression Socks 2) The Grid Foam Roller 3) KT Kinesiology Tape 4) Sweat Shop Massage Balls

Medal Holders
For the keen runners that do lots of races, they might want to display their achievements! So why not get them a medal display so they can hang their medals with pride!

Medal Hanger Shop

Race Entry
Running a race isn't always cheap! and what better way to build up that medal collection than a race?Why not give the gift of a race to your running and give them a coupon for a free race entry of their choice from you! :)

The London Winter Run is coming up in February and you can get £3 off your/their entry using the code: KISDISCOUNT

Voucher for Running Shoes
Running shoes are not cheap! And the reason I specify a voucher and not actual shoes is because buying any shoe for a running isn't a good thing! It is important to make sure that the shoe fits correctly, is the right  size and even possibly having a gait analysis done.

A runner may like a certain type of shoe, are loyal to a certain brand and would like to get the same or they might want a change. That's why a voucher is always the easiest option.

Vouchers from Specific brands such as Asics, Nike, Saucony, Brooks are all good to get vouchers from and are popular brands of running shoes. Online outlets are usually great too. I find amazing deals and buy all my shoes from Sports Shoes.


So there you have it. I really hope this has given you some ideas of the types of things that runners, or you, might be interested in as a gift for Christmas time!

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas! :)

Question: Whats on your wish list this year? Anything you would have added to this list for runners?

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  1. Love this Laura! It's making me excited for Christmas!
    Lorna | |

  2. Thanks Lorna! Making these gift guides is making me excited for Christmas too! :)


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