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Good evening!

I hope you've all had a great week and weekend! I spent most of Saturday in London at the OM Yoga Show which was fantastic! I'm currently writing up a recap of the show that should go up on my blog in the next few days, so look for that if you're interested!

But for now, It's that time again for another recap of my week!
Swimming - I always forget to add this to my weekly post as I only go once a week but I had my swimming lesson on Monday this week(as I do every Monday) and it was a little frustrating. I'm trying not to be hard on myself but sometimes I literally feel as though I've made ZERO progress in my classes. It will just take time. I have improved and I'll get there eventually!

Running x 2 -  Only ran twice this week. I ran once on Thursday for 1.5 miles and once today for a 10 k.

Both runs were fasted as usual. I just had a short quick run on Thursday before heading off to work and then my aim for today was to make sure I did a 10 k so I could at least see where I am at with regards to a 10k time.

I managed to run the 10 k in 1 hour and 50 seconds so I'm pretty happy with that, especially since I was fasted. With fuel, I should be able to shave at least a couple of minutes off my time. So I'll just continue to work on my speed up until race day. As long as I'm able to do the race in under an hour, I'm happy.

Piyo x 4 - Didn't get in my weeks worth of PiYo workouts this week. In all honesty,  dread them every time it comes to doing them. If you follow me on twitter, then you've seen me mention a couple of times that when I'm doing these PiYo workouts, I seem to end up in tears. I have no idea why and it's quite frustrating, so now I dread doing the workouts every time.

I'm considering stopping the PiYo program for the time being and just focus on Yoga, get a stronger core, maybe incorporate some kettlebells back into my exercise routine and come back to PiYo later.

Which brings me on to my next topic.

Food has been OK this week. I've really managed to cut my snacking down, I've been eating much healthier snacks during the week. I want to try and limit my sugar intake. Cut down on sweet treats during the week and focus on having foods that are fulfilling and satisfying.

I want to try baking something healthy this weekend, I've been inspired by the low-carb/low-sugar twitter chat that we had this evening for the #hbloggers weekly chat and I've been saying for a long time that I want to get back into baking, so this is the perfect opportunity.

Plan For Next Week
Like I said above, I want to try and bake/make something healthy next weekend as a dessert, so I've got some recipes saved that were mentioned during tonight's Twitter chat  and I'll pick from those which one I want to do.

I need to amp my runs back up - at least do 3 runs this week, a 3 miler and either another long run on the weekend or a speed run or both..?

Make a decision on what I'm going to do with the PiYo program. If I decide to keep it, workout schedule will stick to the 6 per week. If not, I need to ammend my schedule to include something else to take its place.

Other than that, I think I've covered everything for this week! 

Question: Have you tried going low-carb/low-sugar, how did you find it, do you have any tips? Especially regarding low-sugar..

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