Sum It Up.. Sunday


Good Evening/Morning, everyone! I hope you've had a great weekend.

It feels like the weekend has gone so quickly. It's almost time for another week of work, it's depressing. On the upside, I had a lovely evening talking to some gorgeous #hbloggers this evening for a twitter chat and it totally livened up my night.

I suppose I should start talking about what you came here for right?
So, how was this week?

5 x Running - I actually hadn't planned on doing 5 runs this week. I also didn't plan on running all of those runs in a row.

I ran everyday from Weds-Sun - I was supposed to take today off as a rest day to let my legs recover, but I got up a little late and wouldn't have had time to take the dog out for a 30 min walk, so I ran her instead.

I discussed this on Instagram the other day, but I definitely commend people that are able to run everyday and have massive running streaks. I just can't do it. My legs feel like lead and I don't enjoy my runs if I don't have a break. Others on the other hand, seem to have no problem with running day after day, Phillips mum is one of them. She runs EVERY day without fail for 5-6 miles every time, albeit, very slowly, but she still does it.

It would KILL me to go that distance everyday. I think it's just not for everyone and that's fine with me.

6 x PiYo Workouts -  So, I've just finished my second week of PiYo and It's great. I'm definitely finding that I'm gaining more strenth from these workouts.

Prior to starting the PiYo workouts, I couldn't do a single push up on my toes and I could hardly do any on my knees either, for that matter. After just 2 weeks of the program, I tried to do my first push up on my toes, just to see where I was at.. and I managed TWO.

That may not seem massive to some, but it is to me and I'm proud of my two full push ups. As long as I took a little break in between, I was able to consistently do at least two full push ups throughout the whole workout.

I'm excited to see where PiYo will take me.

Food hasn't been any worse, nor better than last week. Although, snacking is more out of hand on the weekend and I think that's purely because I get bored, or I'm not doing enough and I just eat for the sake of eating which is a really bad habit.

I need to get back to being mindful of what I eat and focusing on what my body wants rather than listening to what my head wants.

Plan For Next Week
Continue my PiYo workouts, I'm doing well with them and I stick to the workout schedule so nothing needs to change there.

In terms of running, I really need to make sure that I take a break in between my runs and to make sure I stretch! I usually stretch after my runs but If I'm short for time, I cut my stretching short.

Most Important - Be more mindful of what I eat and listen to my body. I know exactly what my body wants and needs but I've just gotten lazy at listening to the signals. I need to focus on this.

I wrote a blog post a while back on How to Eat Consciously which you can check out HERE. I'll definitely be going back and using my own advice for this week.

Lets see if I can get back on track this week. I'll be doing my best!

Question: What is one tip that you would give for being mindful of your eating?

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  1. I have no idea how people manage massive run streaks, even through Janathon/Juneathon. I'm just not built that way.

    2 press ups is awesome! I can't do one on my knees.


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