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For full disclosure purposes, I received the Yoga Jeans from ORVIS for free in return for an honest review. I was not paid to write this review and all opinions of the product received are my own.
When I was contacted with the opportunity to trial a pair of Yoga Jeans made by Second Clothing, I thought.. what? Jeans for Yoga?! Are you kidding?! but after looking into the brand of the jeans, Second Clothing, I was instantly curious and quite excited about trying them out.

Here is what Second Clothing says about the Yoga Jean:

The Yoga Jeans are made of a combination of brushed cotton(98%) and elastane(2%), have 4 way stretch which allows you to move freely in the jeans and they are proudly made in Canada.

I've never done yoga in anything but leggings, so I was a little apprehensive about wearing jeans for yoga. Especially since doing yoga requires you being flexible(or at least try to be) and NOT restrictive, which is usually the case with most jeans I've owned. These jeans are designed for yoga, so that's just what I did, I sprang right into trying them and have been for the last few weeks.
As you may know, I've been doing PiYo workouts which is a combination of Yoga and Pilates and has dynamic movements where I'm constantly in and out of poses.

The jeans were actually really great for PiYo and I was impressed. I wasn't restricted when getting into different poses, Warrior pose? No problem! Low Lunges, Chair Pose, Downward Dog, Dancers pose.. NO problem! I was able to do all poses with ease. I've yet to come across a pose where I haven't been able to get into them due to being restricted. The restriction comes where I'm not flexible enough to get into the poses in the first place ;)

You kind of forget that you're wearing the jeans when you have them on and you're practicing yoga, it was almost the same as wearing my usual yoga leggings.
Jeans from Second Clothing(provided by Orvis) | Bra-Top Gita from Kismet Yogastyle
To test them further, I also did the PiYo Sweat workout. I've done the workout before and you get Sweeeatttyyy! When I started to get really sweaty and hot, the jeans did start to stick to me slightly but movement wasn't restricted too much and I was still able to continue with the workout. I don't think they would stand up to the likes of hot yoga though, it think you would run into problems then, but normal yoga practice, these jeans are good.

In terms of general wear, like I said, they're insanely comfortable. They're by far the comfiest pair of jeans that I've owned. They feel very good quality and very soft(I've also washed these jeans several times, there's no deterioration in softness, stretchiness or quality).

They're stylish and look good on and the great thing is I've been able to come home from work and jump straight into some yoga practice if i'm tight on time!
These jeans may just be my favourite pair of jeans to wear.
Orvis are releasing the yoga jeans as a new collection. They have a pretty hefty price tag of £109, a price tag I would usually stay WAAYY clear of BUT by designer jeans standard, I suppose this is pretty reasonable and I'd say the yoga jeans in terms of quality, fit and comfort, are at a designer standard. For me, these jeans are probably the most expensive item of clothing that I own.

One point to make: The Yoga jeans do run quite big, I got a size 12, I'm usually between a 12 and 14 and they were still a little big on me(maybe they're supposed to be slightly bigger to allow for movement, I'm not sure) but I probably could have sized down one more. Also, It doesn't appear to have a leg length for the jeans, I'm 5'6'' and they're a little long for me.

Personally, the Yoga Jeans will be both a staple in my wardrobe to dress up or down and I'll still be grabbing them for yoga practice too!

I'm definitely considering getting another style or colour in the jeans, they have LOADS of different styles and colours on the Second Clothing website, I'll see what Orvis bring out in their collection.

Question: What is one staple piece of clothing that you use for yoga? Whats your favourite clothing brand?

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  1. They look really nice on you! £109 is quite an investment in jeans but worth it if they last and give good fit. My go to brand for workout clothes is Nike as I can fit in their clothes. I don't really have a favourite brand otherwise.

  2. Thanks @Steph :) I deffo agree, if an item lasts and it's good quality, it's well worth the investment. The great thing about the jeans is that they double up as a normal wardrobe piece and a workout/yoga piece.

    I love Nike Clothing! I'm always eyeing things up on their website, which is quite dangerous on the bank balance, haha!


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