Monday Weigh In // Must Try Harder..


Last Weeks Weight: 149 lbs

This Weeks Weight: 150.4 lbs

Loss/Gain This Week: +1.4 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 108 lbs


This probably isn't the best time for me to be writing this post. As some of you may have seen from my twitter, I had a bad swim lesson and I'm feeling pretty down and annoyed at myself.

Anyway, somehow, even with good eating and exercise this week, I've managed to weigh in 1.4 lbs more than last week. Don't ask me how.. I literally have no idea.

Can you put on Muscle like that? In a week? I don't even know, if anyone knows, please, fill me in ;) I just seem to be in a vicious cycle of gaining and losing weight but its always around the same numbers.

I'm beginning to think that my body just wants/is happy to be at this weight even though I don't want to be and I know full well that I can be at a lower weight than this. It's just being awkward or maybe I'm not being strict enough or trying hard enough.

Deep Breath..

It's a new week ;)

Question: What helps you settle and calm down when you're in a bad mood or something has gotten you down?

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  1. Body weight is a hard subject..why? because we are all so different and we can never *really* know what our bodies are doing. I used to be obsessed with being under 9st 7lbs but my body won't work with that AT ALL..unless I'm ill. So I stay in the high 9s or 10st & as long as I'm fit/strong I'm a happy chick! Look up 'Carly Rowena' she's stunning and in epic shape but she weighs in the high 10's and you'll realise that it's not what the scale's how you look and I've see enough pictures to know you look a good stone less than you weigh!
    As for what helps me settle? Normally a good nights sleep or a gentle run..failing that good ole comfort eating! (I'm no saint!) xo

  2. Thanks @Katie G - I'm just finding it frustrating knowing that I used to be a lower weight (in the 130's) before surgery and now I'm almost in the 150's - However, my body literally doesn't want to be any lower, the lowest I've managed is 147 and I went straight back up the following week.

    I already follow Carly, She's amazing!

    I think I really need to stop with the mindset of thinking I need to be a lower body weight and instead, like you said, judge by how I'm feeling and how I see myself in the mirror instead.

    I feel much better now that I've had a sleep :)

  3. I've seen muscle mass fluctuate by as much as 5lb in a week before!! All depends on your training... it could even just be water! Don't let the number on the scales get you down - chin up and move forward! :)

    Christy x

    another weekend without make-up

  4. Thanks @Christy Bridge! I'm definitely going to be paying less attention to the number and more on how I'm actually feeling. I wasn't sure if it was possible to put on muscle quickly and you're right, it could more than likely be water weight!


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