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Happy Friday, Lovelies!

HOW long has it been since I last linked up for Friday Five?! Too Long! I've just been real busy and sometimes, it completely slipped my mind to write a post.

I'm linking up for Friday Five hosted by the DC Trifecta that is MarCourtney and Cynthia!
This weeks topic is 'Fitness Inspirations', which is great, since I'm inspired daily! So, what a perfect opportunity to tell you five different things that inspire me!

Lets get straight to it shall we?!

You may have seen in a couple of my blog posts or you've seen in my side bar that I'm an ambassador in some pretty awesome communities.

The communities are full of inspirational and motivational people, from all walks of life that all come together in a big community to share similar interests, whether that be health, nutrition, fitness or weight loss.

Here are the amazing communities that I am part of, feel free to click the links to find out more about them! Fitfluential | Girls Gone Sporty | Sweat Pink | HBloggers

Social Media
Kind of ties in with my first one but there's no denying that social media is one of the biggest sources of inspiration for me. I love being able to log in to different social media platforms and be able to see everyone's achievements and be able to share my own. See peoples journeys and their progress. It's just fantastic.

Phillips Accomplishments
Phillip has always been a huge source of inspiration to me. He was overweight, just like me. We kind of spurred each other on throughout our journeys. He lost 98 lbs on his weight loss journey and it always inspired me to keep going and not give up.
I'm sure he will kill me for sharing this here but he's done SO well and is amazing!
And.. look at those moobs... HAHA! ;)
He's a fantastic runner, he smashes his running goals. He inspires me daily and I love him for it.

Having Goals or taking part in challenges has always been a way to inspire me to keep going. When I have a goal or a challenge, I have a set plan, a schedule and I have something to work for. Goals for new distances, get a PB, learn a new yoga pose. When I achieve them, I'm inspired to push myself further. There's nothing better to keep me motivated.

Might seem like a weird one, but I'm definitely inspired by myself. I'm proud of what I've achieved and how hard I've worked. I see my progress pictures, my pictures before weight loss and feel both an incredible sense of achievement but also inspiration.
3 Years difference and -110 lbs
Inspiration to keep on pushing to achieve my goals, a reminder that I should never give up and never go back to how I used to be!

Thanks to MarCourtney and Cynthia for hosting this linkup. Be sure to check out some of the things that other people are inspired by and you might find someone that will inspire you!
Question: What is your biggest source of inspiration?

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  1. @Steph thanks a lot!

    You'll enjoy the hbloggers community! They're fantastic and so supportive!

  2. I am so pleased that I heard about HBloggers from you and Katie at Cake vs Scales!

    You and Phillip are both looking amazing and are a huge inspiration!

  3. I'm inspired by goals too! Great post, I loved reading your 5 inspirations. :)

  4. @Cynthia @ You Signed Up For Wh thanks for reading :) I've used goals throughout my whole weight loss journey, so they're pretty key for me :)

  5. Great post, love the communities section and you are 100% an inspiration!!!!

  6. Mar @ MarOnTheRun.com6 October 2014 at 01:13

    great post! and i love when people mention they are inspired by themselves. I think that is SO important!!


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