Sum It Up.. Sunday


Completely missed the ball on the last Sum It Up.. Sunday post. It slipped my mind to post and by the time I realized, it was too late.

I've made myself a calendar with a blog schedule and hopefully I will stick to it and have a regular posting schedule on the blog.

Running x 4 - All fairly short runs this week. I'm not running daily anymore now that Phillips mum is back. My runs were 2 miles or shorter - I need to start upping my mileage slightly.

I got slightly lazy this week, I've done no other workouts other than the 4 runs this week. I haven't walked as much this week either. The brilliant thing about the GCC was that there was something that I was pushing for.. A goal to get more steps for the team. Now that it's gone, I've been struggling to find a reason why I want to go out for a walk.

I've just not been motivated to do any exercise and that mentality needs to be broken. I'll touch more on it in my plans.

Breakfast has been SO weak. Like with my exercise, I've not been that motivated this week. I've been getting up later and I end up running late and not having a proper breakfast. I KNOW that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it's silly that I haven't been taking the time to have a proper meal. I will improve on this next week.

All other meals have been fine, I've made good choices for lunches and dinners. I've been having soup for lunch this week which was a change, I haven't had soup in ages! I've been having lots of veggies at dinner with chicken/fish and rice/sweet potato.

I've been making better snacking choices and I'm going to be writing a post on healthy snacks that I've been loving lately so that will be coming up soon.

So food has been OK, there's room for improvement.

Plan For Next Week
I've been on a spreadsheet/calendar making frenzy this weekend. I've been getting myself organised and will be getting myself into a proper routine. I plan on getting up on my first alarm, as I have a tendency to turn off my alarms and rest/snooze for a bit longer.

I'll be doing a workout in the morning and/or running. I plan to run at least 4 times a week and try to get in a long run each week.I also want to get in more yoga practice too.

I'm going to document everything in the calendars/spreadsheets that I've made. I hope that it will keep me on track and I'll be using MFP again to track my food.

Lets see how it goes! Have a great week! Until next time

Question: Are you a planner? or are you a fly by the seat of your pants person?

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  1. I am such a planner! I use print of calendar templates to plan out all of my training (complete with different colours for different activities!), and nothing beats planning a new route! The part where I always fall down is meal planning - I'd love to be amazing at it, but some times something has to give!

  2. Some weeks I just don't manage to do what I set out to don't beat yourself up as your certainly not alone!
    When it comes to planning, I often make a lot of food on Sunday including some breakfasts and freeze them so I have something 'To go..' during the week.
    At work I make a daily list and tick everything off..obsessively!! - Just need to do that with my workouts :)

  3. @Bethan Taylor I've printed off loads of cute calendars - I'm hoping they will do the trick, I'm gonna get some sort of board so I can hang everything up and have it as like a planning and motivation board.

    I'm hopeless at meal planning and I don't think I'll ever be good at that one.. but scheduling and exercising planning might be OK, only time will tell! :)

  4. @Katie G I think part of the reason I don't meal plan or make meals ahead of time is because I'm SO bad at cooking.. and usually Phillip does it all.

    I may try making breakfast the night before though. I've heard great things about Overnight Oats and such, might help with being more organised and less rushed in the mornings! :)


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