Reminiscing Over The Global Corporate Challenge


Yesterday was the last day of the Global Corporate Challenge. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but just to be brief, its a challenge that takes place every year that is aimed to help improve the health and well being of employees within companies around the world.

You join as a team of 7 and compete against those in your team, other teams in your company and teams all over the world to get the highest step count.

The challenge takes place over 100 days starting in May and ending in September. You wear a pedometer over the 100 days and track steps, biking and swimming - logging into the website to track your step count.

 I must say, I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished over the last 100 days..
I completed over 1 and a half million steps and 659 miles! I came first in my team of 7 with a lead of about 60,000. My PB was over 33,000 steps on day 46.

I think I impressed myself!

It's been a great experience and I will definitely be doing it again next year. When I started the challenge, I had only just returned to work after having surgery. The challenge has encouraged me to be healthier and have a more active lifestyle.

I was obviously active prior to the challenge, but I never walked anywhere really. During the challenge, I have been going on walks AT LEAST 3 times a day without fail, even if it was only short.

The GCC has also formed a very welcome habit into my life. After the 3 walks per day over the last 100 days,  those walks are now going to form part of my daily routine. I won't stop walking now that the challenge is over.

I'm proud of myself, of other members of my team and of the people I've never met in my company that have took part in the challenge. People have lost weight during the challenge and have made positive changes to their lifestyle by competing, so GCC has nothing but positive feedback from me.

I look forward to competing again next year and I hope to beat all the records that I made this year.

Lets see where next year will take me!

Question: What is your favourite way to keep active? Is walking a part of your daily routine?

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