Monday Weigh In // Moving in the right direction!


Last Weeks Weight: 150.4 lbs

This Weeks Weight: 147.0 lbs

Loss/Gain This Week: -3.4 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 111 lbs


I very much DIDN'T expect this when I stepped on the scales this morning.

My 'Time of the Month' has been out of whack recently, I'm not sure if its got something to do with my implant being almost ready to be replaced, but they are all over the place and after having one last week, I didn't expect it AGAIN this week but that's how it is I guess.

So yeah, I wasn't expecting a lower number this week.

I have been focusing more on the foods that I have been putting in my body, I definitely didn't eat as much as I was trying to pay more attention to what my body wanted and not what my mind wanted, it seems to have done the trick.

That and all the running and walking that I have been doing.

I just need to continue and do the same as I did last week(probably not as much running though as I will no longer be house/dog/zoo sitting after tomorrow morning). Instead of running everyday with the dog, I'll probably run every other day and do longer runs instead(and by longer, I mean more than 2 miles ;) )

Lets see what next week brings!

Question: Did you get up to anything exciting this weekend?

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