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Happy Friday, Lovelies!

I'm linking up again for another Friday Five hosted by the DC Trifecta that is MarCourtney and Cynthia!
This weeks topic is 'Favourite Race Memories', I've only done two races since I started running, so I don't really have 5 to talk about, but I will wing it anyway!

Lets get on with it shall we?

1) Soham Half Marathon - My first race and my first half marathon - I started running properly back in February of last year, I was bullied convinced signed up! for the Soham Half Marathon in May of the same year, I'd not had a large amount of training, I didn't do any long runs above 11 miles and I was dreading the whole thing.

Doesn't sound like my favourite memory right? well, the actual race sucked and I was hurting SO badly, but my favourite moment was passing the finish line and having a massive overwhelming sense of accomplishment for actually doing it! Runners High FTW!
After the Half Marathon, almost dead, in pain.. with Ice cream in hand! ;)
If you missed my recap, or want to know more you can click HERE

2) National Lottery Anniversary Run - This was my second race, it was a five miler. I trained for this one at least and knew I could do the distance and I really didn't care much for getting a good time, I just wanted to get round.. it was ridiculously hot that day too.

This run was the first run after the Olympics and we were able to run into the stadium. The highlight for this was definitely running through the the tunnel and onto the track, they had Chariots of Fire playing in the tunnel and it was such a highlight for the race!

3) Still at TNLAR - It would have to be racing against a guy in a big dinosaur costume, the heat was ridiculous and this guy managed to stay with me the whole way round the 5 mile course, however, I was determined to make sure that he didn't cross the finish line before me so we were in a sprint for the finish line.
I'd pushed myself so hard to beat him that I almost threw up not long after passing the line and I was SO hoping that no-one was taking pictures, haha!

If you missed my recap of TNLAR, you can read it HERE!

4) Was at the Soham Half Marathon 2014 - It was in May of this year and we were having ridiculously hot weather for Britain. I was only a month post op and was barely walking around (I was spectating, obviously) and my race highlight was sitting at the finish line watching everyone else come in and to be able to experience everyone else's accomplishments of finishing their half marathon.

I was SO glad that I wasn't doing it. I was asked whether I was upset that I couldn't run it. In that heat.. No, I definitely wasn't!

5) Was spectating at TNLAR 2014 - This was just last month when I was spectating at the race and waiting for Phillip to come in at the finish line. It actually quite a nice experience to take in the atmosphere at  a race and watch other people competing in races and accomplishing their goals rather than running them myself. I was also happy and proud to watch Phillip print across the finish line knowing that he pushed his hardest to get a good time!
I actually was a little peeved that I didn't do this race, after running 4 miles this week, I was MORE than capable of getting round the course.. and fortunately for those competing this year, they get automatic entry into next years when the stadium is back open.. so I may not get a  place. :/

Now that I'm back into running and fitness again, I will be able to enter some more races! I'm actually looking forward to it and have a few races in mind to get me back into the swing of things!

Thank you to the lovely ladies for hosting this linkup. Be sure to check them out and the other posts too!
Question: Have you been in a race or spectated at a race? Tell me your favourite memory!

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  1. Nice memories!! One of my fav races was when I did the Nike San Francisco Half Marathon 4 months after having my first child, I was so happy I finished and even happier when I got my Tiffany's Necklace. :)

  2. Loved reading these, doing the great north run soon so hoping to pick up some of my own memories. Xx


    1. Thats Great! My other half is doing the great north run too! :)


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