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This post is a little over due but I'm finally getting round to writing it! I mentioned over the weekend that I'd booked myself in for Adult Swimming Lessons and I had my first one the Monday just gone. I thought it'd be good to recap the swimming lessons each week with what I've done.

My lesson was on 9 PM on Monday, it was supposed to be a group class, but when I stood by the side of the pool, i realized it was only going to be me! I'm secretly hooping that no-one shows up for the rest of the 7 lessons that I have left ;)

The instructor asked me about my aims for the class, I said I wanted to be more confident in the water and be able to swim all the different strokes. She wanted to see what she was working with, so I got into the pool and had to show her how I currently swim.

It's been ages since I last went swimming, in fact, it was probably way back in March for the holiday and obviously haven't been in the pool since having surgery. Swimming actually kinda hurt around my belly button(like a tight pulling sensation) but I ignored it for the sake of the lesson.

After a small demo of my swimming, she knew exactly what problem I had, which was that I am craning my neck to keep my head out of the water and that is putting my form off completely.

I first practiced how to breath in the water - by putting my face into the water and breathing out through my nose. I struggled at first, I didn't expect to just sail through it - I even chickened out the first time, I was about to put my face in the water and then got too scared! hah!

After I got used to the breathing technique, I had to try and mix that in with flutter leg kicking. I'll have to improve my co-ordination! I found that I would either stop breathing because I was focusing on kicking my legs, or I'd stop kicking my legs because I was focused on breathing.

I then practiced the breaststroke kick(without practicing breathing) with a float. It took me a while to get the technique down but got it in the end. By the time I'd finished that, my lesson was over! The lessons are only 30 minutes long and they go by so quick!

I've been advised that I need to start doing exercises to improve my core. The instructor also said that it would be a good idea for me to get some pool time in during the weeks before my lessons. The great thing about this pool, is that the fee I have paid for my lessons also includes unlimited use of the pool in between the lessons, so i can go whenever I want to fit in the practice.

The more practice I get in, the quicker I'll pick up on the techniques and the more I'll be able to learn over the 8 week course.

I'm looking forward to my next lesson!

Question: Whats your favourite swimming stroke?

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. You are brave. I should take an adult swim lesson but I'm too chicken!

    1. I was SO embarassed when I was standing on the pool side and she was asking who was for swimming lessons, but apparently, its quite normal now that adults don't know how to swim or swim properly. You should do it! :)

  2. I should look into doing this. I can swim, sorta. It's more of a doggie paddle. So glad it went well for you!

    1. You should deffo look into it, I'm SO looking forward to being able to swim without being anxious!


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