Surgery // 13 Week Post Op Update


WARNING! This post contains pictures(of myself) with partial nudity. Please open and read at your own discretion.
Hi everyone, I hope this week is treating you well. I just wanted to update really quick as I don't like leaving people in the dark with regards to surgery pics.

I think the last time that I updated, I had been to see my surgeon about swelling and such and he said that everything was completely fine and he was happy with the results.

Swelling is the same as before. It hasn't changed, its quite annoying but I'm just trying to ignore it. I'm taking Arnica 30c Pillules again as recommended for bruising and swelling but it doesn't seem to be making much difference for me. I've been drinking loads more water too.

I was 3 month post op last week, which means that I was cleared to start wearing under-wired bras again, so whilst I was visiting my parents last weekend, I went shopping for some new bras to wear. So Tiring, So Expensive.

Front and Side View
As you can see, swelling is still present, but it's a damn sight better than what it was before surgery so I'm still ecstatic with the results. I think the part of the problem I have now, is that my posture is completely off, I tend to stick my hips out and pull my shoulders back, when I pull myself up fully straight, my stomach doesn't look as swelled. So that's something I definitely have to improve on.

I briefly mentioned in my Coffee Date post that I was shocked by the revelation that I was TWO cup sizes bigger in bras than my surgeon predicted. I was supposed to be a 32 Big C or D cup. I got fitted in 3 places whilst shopping at the weekend and I ended up being a 32F. WHAT THE F*CK! I don't know how he could be that off with cup sizes.. but I definitely wasn't expecting it.

I absolutely love my new boobs though so I can't complain and I am still able to get really cute bras in my size so I'm not fussed now.

I haven't started exercising again yet, but plan to start very slowly on the weekend. All I've been doing for exercise so far is my walking. I'm gonna get myself into the weekly routine of weighing myself on a Monday so that I can get off some of the Extra weight that I've gained from not exercising for so long.

My 'quick' update turned into quite a lengthy one. My next update probably won't be until next month, I wont be doing weekly updates anymore and instead I will do an update each month with anything new.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Until Next Time!

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  1. girl you look great! as for why you're probably measuring larger than you expected in your bust, bra manufacturers make bras for natural breasts that are very rarely fully round. the implant, though, is usually perfectly proportioned, and thus takes up more room in a bra. it's this whole weird phenomena where they'll look like 32D, but they measure 32F. crazy right? but they look fab :)

    1. Thanks! It makes so much sense now you've explained it, I didn't think they looked like an F for sure!


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