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I'm linking up again for another Friday Five hosted by the DC Trifecta that is MarCourtney and Cynthia! I've missed the last couple of posts on Friday and I wanna get back into the swing of it.
This weeks topic is 'Goals'. So, this week, I'm going to review my resolutions that I set at the beginning of the year to see where I am.

So, back in January, I created a list of resolutions that I wanted to achieved or 'keep up' for the whole year.

I created more than 5, but I'll just choose the main ones.

Practice Yoga - Be able to do a headstand/handstand/crow pose
I was practicing Yoga consistently during the earlier months this year, but since my surgery in April, I haven't been doing any sort of workouts and I'm only now starting to incorporate it back into my routine so hopefully, this goal will still be achievable before the end of the year.

Gain Muscle - Lose Body Fat

This hasn't happened so far. Again, not been working out so not had the chance!

Drink 2 litres of water per day

This is one that I HAVE been keeping on track with. It doesn't happen everyday, but I am definitely drinking way more water than I used to.

Eat Healthier. Reduce Sweet Treats

This is So-So - I have been eating healthier and making more conscious choices of the foods that I put in my mouth, however, I do still have the occasional sweet treat here and there during the week.

I do want to try and cut this down more - try and reduce the amount of sugar that I am eating in my diet and make my own treats to eat instead.

Be more organised/plan more
This has been going well, I more organised, I've been planning, making notes, I have a calendar printed out for each month with everything that I need.

It's not as 'on point' as I want it and I do need to plan more - planning for my blog is slightly slacking.

I also want to get into more of a routine for during the day - getting up earlier to workout and have breakfast before work

So yeah! It's not too bad, we're over half way through the year but I still have a few months to achieve the goals that I want. I didn't set really strict goals so that I can allow for a little wiggle room.

Last year I never anticipated that I would be going in for surgery, it was booked early in the year so surgery was never a factor when I first made my goals but I won't let that stop me.

Now that I'm able to exercise again, I'll be stepping it up to achieve them!

Question: Are you a planner? or a Fly by the seat of your pants kinda person?

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  1. it seems like you are on track for MOST of your goals. you've been doing the ones that you can do and working on the others. nice job!

    1. Thanks :) I'm the type of person that hates failing goals too, so i'm sure they'll be done! ;)

  2. Sounds like you are on track for most of your goals. The water really helps too!

    1. Yeh, definitely does. Makes me feel so much better and is keeping me cool in this heat!

  3. I have been terrible at drinking enough water lately! I should make that one of my goals.

    1. I've been taking a water bottle with me on walks and having a full one sat at my desk, its been working so far and I'm getting through them!

  4. first, I'm loving your goals graphic!!! and you've got great goals. I try to only drink water on a regular basis.

    1. Thanks! I'm always trying to get in water, somedays are better than others!

  5. All great goals! I'm with you on backing off the sweet treats! It's so hard!!

    1. Yeh, it's ridiculously hard! but I'm trying my best ;)


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