Surgery // Checkup with Russo ~3 Month Post-Op


Hi Everyone!

I hope that you all had a great weekend and your week has been started off right!

I was gonna be putting all my weekend Sunday antics in one post, but after writing my surgery update, the post was getting too long so I will put up another post tomorrow.

Sunday was quite an adventure. I have probably mentioned in a previous surgery update that I was going to see Mr Russo (my surgeon) this weekend just for a checkup. The appointment had to be in London as he wasn't available in the Cambridge clinic.

I had to go to Weymouth Street in London(apparently where all the swanky doctors/surgeries are) near Reagents Park, I've only ever been to London twice, this hasn't been one of those places so it was an experience in itself navigating through the underground systems.

We got there half an hour early for my appointment but I was seen pretty early. Russo is extremely happy with my results, he looked pretty proud of his work on me which was a nice feeling.
He felt my stomach area, he definitely isn't concerned with anything, he says it is all still swelling(I was concerned it could be a Seroma or fat) and that it could take up to the 6 month mark before the swelling subsides. Eventually it should go flat, if it doesn't, he will discuss it with me at a later date but he is confident that everything will be fine.

I am cleared to exercise now and I am able to take off my compression binder, however, he says that keeping the binder on still will help the swelling as it will keep it all compressed, so I'm taking his advice and keeping it on. It is KILLING me though, as it is SO hot at the moment and I'm dying with an extra layer, it sucks!

I've been told to start easy with exercise so thats what I'm going to do, so far I've still been working, I haven't attempted to do any other types of exercise and I'm actually quite nervous to go out and try to run. I know my stamina will have completely gone after 3 months of no proper exercise.

He took some 'After' pictures of my Breasts for his portfolio(might be called something else, who knows) and he is going to take after photos of my stomach when the swelling has subsided.

He wants to see me at the 6 month mark for a checkup - it's not usually a routine appointment, but he wants to make sure that everything is OK with the swelling. Hopefully it has gone down by then.

I've started to take Arnica 30 again, I don't know why I stopped taking it in the first place, I haven't seen any chance thus far but I've only been taking it since the beginning of the weekend so i can't expect massive results just yet, but hopefully it works.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the appointment, Russo is very happy with the results from my surgery. My mind has now been put at ease and now all I can do is play the waiting game with the swelling.

I'll be posting the second half of my London Adventures at some point tomorrow. If you already follow me on Social Media, you probably already know where I've been!

Stay Tuned!

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