Surgery // 10 Week Post-Op Update


WARNING! This post contains pictures(of myself) with partial nudity. Please open and read at your own discretion.
It's been a while since my last update, but that's purely because there hasn't been anything to update you guys on. There still isn't that much to update you on really.

Swelling looks the same as it did 3 weeks ago and hasn't really gone down any. I went for a checkup at the clinic so that they could check the swelling and make sure that it wasn't anything else(like a seroma). The nurse advised me to see Mr Russo(surgeon) for a checkup, so I plan on seeing him this weekend, I'm travelling down to London to see him.

Hopefully, everything is OK and its just swelling. I'm hoping that he clears me to take my binder off and also start exercising properly. I'll keep you updated.

Weight is currently up by about 7 lbs, I'm not sure what weight that is, whether its water weight or something else. It's also that time of the month this week so I'm bloated and bound to be retaining more water than usual.

I have been doing walking consistently as part of the GCC challenge to keep me active. I've definitely noticed a change in my stamina, I think its going to take me a while to get back to where I was with running. I'm out of breath just walking down the street and it sucks.

I've started scar treatment on my stomach. I've only been using it a couple of days so far. I'm using ReGen Oil and Cream which is supposedly for Stretch Marks and Scars. So I'll update on how that goes too.

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