A Crazy Cat Lady's Dream - Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium


For the last week, in anticipation of my appointment with my Surgeon, me and Phillip were hoping that we would be able to get into Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium with a walk-in or Cancellation. We had everything crossed!

Lady Dinah's is the first cat cafe to open up in London. It is VERY popular and they're fully booked up until October of this year. The only way to get in without a booking is to stalk their twitter for the chance of a cancellation or booking.

We were on our way back from my appointment, I saw nothing on twitter but we decided to take a chance and go anyway. Luckily we got a spot and I was BEYOND excited. As you probably already know, we have 4 cats ourselves, so this was amazing!

There was a £5 cover charge when entering the cafe, you don't have to eat or drink whilst you are there if you didn't want to, so I'm sure this is why they charge something, otherwise they wouldn't be able to keep the place running!
You're given some rules before you go into the main area with the cats, all are pretty standard rules - Not to pick the cats up, Not to wake them if they are sleeping, Not to let them eat any of your food and you can take lots of pictures, but you can't have your flash enabled.

There are 11 cats at Lady Dinah's, all of which are rescue cats. They all have different personalities and are all completely gorgeous!

The actual cafe is fantastic, I loved the vintage feel. There are two floors, plenty of places to sit. There are LOADS of places for the cats to climb on, sleep on and hide in. There are toys everywhere for you to pick up and play with them.
There's a selection of food, cakes and drinks that were reasonably priced. Me and Phillip both had a Bagel with Salad and they were yummy. I was supposed to get a cake, as they have a takeaway section at the front of the cafe, but I completely forgot! They looked delicious.
Most of the cats were asleep when we first arrived, but they were soon up and about with the smell of treats and some company.

The most dangerous part about the cafe is the gift shop, I literally couldn't walk out without getting some pieces to take away with me! ;)
 It was a fantastic place and I absolutely loved being there. It's a must-go place for cat lovers and crazy cat ladies(or men!) like myself ;)

You can Find More about Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium Here:

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!
    I am soooooooo jealous - I was in London on Saturday (got totally lost - Arghghgh) and if I'd known about this place I'd have cried at the doorstep to get in...
    Such a lovely concept :)
    I am a crazy cat lady for commenting on this post within seconds!

  2. How fun is that?!?!!?

  3. @Katie G It's not hard to get lost in London is it! I would have cried if they said no too. It was fab.. even more so because they were rescue cats and have an awesome home, deffo a good cause!

  4. @rebeccajo Very! It was awesome!


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