Surgery // 7 Weeks Post Op


The last update I did on Surgery was listed as the 5 Week mark, but it was more in between 5 and 6 and that's why there was no 6 week mark. It's only going to be a small update as there isn't too much to update everyone on.

Recovery is going well, for the most part I'm standing straight and can walk mostly normal now.

There's no pain, there aren't any issues that I've had over the last 2 weeks. The only thing that occasionally happens is that I get a bit of a gunky belly button, but that comes from the territory apparently, even normal belly buttons can get funky.

I'm still wearing my Macom Post-Surgery bra - as I never owned any non-under-wired bras and wasn't going to buy any for the sake of it. I'm still wearing my compression binder too. I have to wear non-under-wired/post-surgery bra until 3 months and then I can make the switch to under-wired as long as I am cleared to do so by my surgeon.

I've to wear the compression garment up until 8 weeks but I need to ring my aftercare nurse to confirm for certain and find out if I'm just supposed to take it off permanently.

I'm still not cleared to start exercising again, I'll find that out too when I ring up. It should be the 8 week mark, but I have been walking anyway as its killing me not being able to do anything. The GCC challenge has started now too, so I need to keep up with my walking so I don't let my team down!

I still have a scab left on my tummy scar and quite a few left on my breasts so I haven't started any scar treatment yet, but I do have some ready and waiting and I'll update on how that goes when I start!

Swelling has considerably come down between weeks 5 and 7. A few days after my last update, I noticed the difference. There is definitely still swelling there but its definitely not as bad as it was, so I'm happy with that!

Not much change with regards to the front view, but from the side there has been a massive difference.  Like I mentioned, it came down a couple of days after my 5 week update.

I have some concerns that the huge amount of swelling I had after surgery may have caused my skin to stretch further and maybe there is a possibility of still being left with some loose skin once the swelling has gone down.

For now, I'm not worrying about it too much as I can't see the end result yet until the swelling has done down and only then will I know if its not exactly how I wanted.

And Frankly, after my experience with recovery just out of surgery, I still don't know quite how I would feel about getting a revision done for surgery if it was needed.

Like I said.. only time will tell and I can't make any judgement yet.

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