Short But Sweet Visit Back Home


Happy Tuesday, Everyone :)

I hope those from the UK had a great long bank holiday weekend and I hope those in the US had a Happy Memorial Day. This weekend, I went up to visit my family who haven't seen me since New Year so they haven't seen me since surgery either.

I traveled up on the train after work on Friday evening, I expected the train to be packed but it surprisingly wasn't and there were plenty of seats. I got to the train station quite late, Dad picked me up and took me to his.

He finally got the chance to see the results from my surgery, he's very impressed. He said he didn't realise how bad my skin was prior to the surgery so he was shocked but at the same time, happy that I'd now had the surgery.

On Sunday, I spent the day with my mum. We went to town, they had the fair on which was nice to see, its been ages since I've been around to see it. They had plenty of rides, my sister and her friends went on a ride that spun round upside down whilst the arms of the ride were spinning too. CRAZY! I'd have done it if it weren't for surgery though!

In the evening, we went to Bingo. I've never been to bingo before so I didn't quite know what to expect. Towards the end of the night, we were playing a game for a full house. My sister had to leave the room to take a phone call at the beginning of the game, so I played her machine as well as my own (bare in mind, I cannot play the books version of the game, they call out the numbers WAY too fast!)

My sisters machine ended up having 1 number left and she ended up winning even though she wasn't there so I claimed for her.

The prize was £700 but there were 2 winners so she got half £350. She came back to find out she had won and was so excited! She gave me £100 as she said she wouldn't have won if I hadn't played the game for her, so that was nice of her!

On Sunday, I spent the day with my dad and his girlfriend. They took me to the Auctions for a viewing to show the kinds of things that they get up to which was fun. We then went into a store across the road called Bygones. It was pretty cool!
Also spent the day with this little cutey pie. SO Adorable!
It had ALL SORTS of things in there, all vintage items, it was really cool. It would be an amazing store to go to for furniture when moving into your own house. There was so many cute things that gave me ideas for my own house when me and Phillip finally move out.

We went to a Carvery for a Sunday Roast in the evening which was delicious, but I definitely ate too much.

Sadly, I had to come home on Yesterday, its always sad to only spend a day with my parents and not being able to see them as often as I'd like, but its still nice to be able to spend some time with them. Hopefully it wont be as long next time before I can go to visit them.

I finally remembered to get a picture with my Dad too! I only have a picture of us from when I was overweight. Now I've lost the weight and Dad has lost some weight too, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity and I LOVE the photos of us :)

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Question: How did you spend your weekend?

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  1. Aww sounds like you had a lovely weekend away! And WOO on the bingo win! That's fab!


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