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For full disclosure purposes, I was given the opportunity to review a copy of the Yoga + Creativity eBook  for free as part of my ambassadorship with Im Fit Possible and all opinions in this post are my own.

The link marked with ** is an affiliated link, and if you chose to purchase the Yoga + Creativity via this link, I will receive a small compensation at no extra cost to you.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll already know that I was really getting into Yoga practice prior to going in for surgery. So, when I had recently had the opportunity to review the eBook Yoga + Creativity by Lacey Haynes from The Yoga Emporium, I jumped at the chance to get involved.

About Lacey
Lacey is a Yoga teacher, writer and intuitive healer. She writes for DoYouYoga, The Huffington Post and also runs The Yoga Emporium.She also wrote, designed and photographed the entire Yoga + Creativity eBook.

Lacey loves spreading the path of yoga and helping people like you to uncover their own innate happiness, love and creative energy. She sounds pretty awesome, right?

Yoga + Creativity eBook
So, what is Yoga + Creativity all about? It teaches you yoga practices and creative tasks that help to bring you in alignment with your true creative self.
The eBook consist of 4 different governing principles along with over 20 different creative tasks. The tasks are anything from singing, dancing, drawing and self reflection exercises that can be used to help explore and unlock your own creative potential.

There are 3 different ways the book can be used. 4 week intensive(1 Section, 1 week at a time), Here & there(as your schedule allows you) or a Full Day Retreat(6 hours of full-on discovery).

Due to surgery, I haven't been able to actually do any of the practices yet, although I'm very excited to get going with it after I'm cleared to start exercising again.

There were loads of parts of the book that I enjoyed. Lacey gives lots of pose guidance with beautiful pictures and clear instructions on how to do each of the poses. There's also modifications for a more advanced yogi so this book really is tailored to all, both new and experienced Yogis.
The book is so beautifully edited, the pictures of poses are awesome and the book also includes lots of great motivating quotes.

The creative exercises in the book are great and seem like a fab way to get more creative. Being creative is something that I really struggle with personally so I think this is going to come in handy!

Lacey loves spreading the path of yoga and helping people to uncover their own innate happiness, love and creative energy and its shown through this book!

I think that this book would be wonderful for new and experienced Yogis, but also those that maybe don't practice Yoga currently but would like to start.

The Giveaway
Now for the exciting part! I've been given the opportunity to giveaway this fabulous eBook for one of my readers to enjoy! I'm so excited to be hosting my first giveaway and for someone else to experience this great book! :)

For those of you that don't win, or if you can't wait that long to get your hands on this, then you can purchase Yoga + Creativity at The Yoga Emporium HERE**

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  1. Hi Laura, hope you are able to get back into it and try the yoga portion of Y+C soon! Are you joining us for the Twitter chat tonight? xo Tara

  2. @tara If I'm still awake! I'm on UK time so it will be very early morning when it starts :(

  3. Jenny Scheldberg21 May 2014 at 13:03

    The caterpillar really helps streatch my back after I've been sitting at my desk all day.

  4. I don't have a favorite yoga pose just yet. Yoga is something I've only tried once (years ago), but am wanting to try again and start incorporating into my morning routine.

  5. @Ashleigh Yoga is great and I've had so much fun doing it so I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)


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