Bloggers Block and 5 Wk Post-Op Update


WARNING! This post contains pictures(of myself) with partial nudity. Please open and read at your own discretion.

Hi Everyone.

I guess I'll get straight onto the first topic and apologize for my lack of blogging recently. I used to have my usual scheduled posts up during the week but that hasn't been happening.

Since having surgery, not much has happened. I haven't really been able to go anywhere, so there's not much to say there. I'm still not cleared to exercise, so there's nothing to discuss on that point either and since this is primarily a health and fitness blog.. I feel like I'm lacking things to talk about in that area whilst I can't do anything.

I'm hoping that I will be able to get back to light exercise soon, but with all the swelling still going on, it doesn't seem too likely right now. Although I wish I could!

I do have some posts planned now that I've had a brain storm so my blog should have some regular posts going up.

With regards to recovery and post-op, things are slow. Not much progress. Reduction of swelling seems non-existent.

I've had a tickly cough for the past week, that is causing absolute havoc for me. The coughing is pretty tough on my stomach so its been quite an ordeal and I hope that it ends soon.. but so far, no such luck. It might require a trip to the docs if it doesn't go away within the next couple of days.

I've had a couple of repeated checkups this week due to a leaking on my tummy incision, it needed to be monitored. It was redressed on Thursday with a waterproof dressing, I didn't take it off until last night and all seems to be OK. There was no leaking on the bandage at all since it was last dressed and it looks to have scabbed over so all seems OK.

As I've said, swelling seems to be none-existent to me and I don't notice a change, which is very annoying but I'm being patient with it and trying not to let it get to me.

I've got pics of tummy and breasts for 5 wk post op anyway, maybe its the same with this as it is for swelling where you don't realise your own changes to your body so maybe someone else will see a difference and put my mind at ease! hah

To be honest, I don't know what came over me when I thought that I would have a flat stomach straight out of surgery. I should have expected this and I didn't so I guess that's how naive I am, hah.

I still don't regret my decision and I'd do it again, the stomach I have now, even with the swelling, is still far better than the stomach that I had before.

It will go soon enough.. :) ... I hope

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  1. oh i can definitely see a reduction in the swelling within the week! your tummy already looks tighter, don't worry :) i can't wait to see pictures in a few weeks!

  2. @brittney Thank you! Its a relief to know that others can see it going down as I really cant see it when I look at it. I can't wait for the results too! Hopefully it wont be too much longer to wait :)

  3. There is a definite difference. Your boobs look more rounded and your tummy is smaller. Yay!

  4. The swelling is definitely coming down, it really is :)

  5. @earl-leigh Good to know! It really is more difficult to see the changes myself. I have noticed a significant difference today though which is a good sign, its deffo come down enough for me to notice it myself.

  6. @steph Thanks, the reassurance has put me at ease :)


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