Surgery // 1 Month Surgery-versary!


WARNING! This post contains pictures(of myself) with partial nudity. Please open and read at your own discretion.
I literally can't believe that its been a month already since I had my surgery. It really doesn't feel like that long. It also feels like a while since I last updated here on the blog about it.

I didn't have a 3 week post op appointment (that's just the way it works for THG) so that may have been the reason I didn't post. I also don't think much has really changed since then so there wasn't much point in me making a post.

I did have my 1 month post op appointment this morning. Good timing too as I started to have some issues that needed to be seen and some concerns that needed to be answered.

Over the last 2-3 days, I noticed that I was getting some oozing from my belly button and it looked a bit red and inflamed around the incision line of it. I had the same problem a few weeks go, which thankfully was nothing to worry about.

Then yesterday morning I noticed a smidge of what looked like blood on my compression garment for my tummy. It was a bit of leaking from my tummy incision, kinda looked like I may have pulled a scab by accident.

I saw my lovely clinic nurse this morning, she cleaned all the areas, said she wasn't worried about it but wants me to come back on Monday just to checkup on how things are going. The weeping point on my incision has been covered with a bit of antiseptic wipe and a dressing for the time being. My belly button isn't covered, air will be better to heal it than covering it up again, I just need to keep it clean and dry.

A concern I've had was that my swelling wasn't really going down at all. She felt all the areas of my tummy and isn't concerned with anything, she says that some people take longer for the swelling to reduce than others.. and I seem to be one of those unlucky people.

I mentioned also that one of my hips seems way higher than the other, again, it's just swelling and probably the garment that's causing the odd shape.

All in all, she thinks that its healing well and the scars look great on both my breasts and tummy except for the 2 problem areas. Nothing she is concerned about.

She says I still need to keep my Surgery Bra(Macom) on until 6 weeks, then I can swap to non-under wired bras until 3 months post op.

The compression garment needs to be on for 6-8 weeks, she is going to check with my surgeon to be sure. Not cleared for exercise until at least 6 weeks.

Hopefully it won't be too much longer before the swelling goes down.  I was hoping it would have already gone down at least a bit but I guess I'll have to wait. It's a shame! It's my birthday next week and I hoped to be able to go shopping for new clothes! :/

I hope you've all had a great week and continue to have a great weekend!

Until Next Time! 

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