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So, Surgery Day is Tomorrow.. I've been preparing for a while on what to take with my to the hospital and what I needed once I got back home. So, I thought it'd be good for a post to let you know what I plan on taking with me and maybe it will be helpful for others that might be going in for the same surgery.

In my Hospital Bag:
Slippers (Non-Slip)
Lightweight Night Gown
Underwear ( 100% Cotton)
Button Up Night Shirts
Lightweight Bottoms
Toiletries (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Anti-Bacterial Skin Cleanser for the shower)
Things I've Bought for Home:
Wedge Pillow
Lots of  other Pillows
Over the Bed Table

2 x Macom Medical Bra for Post Op (One on, One off)
A second Tummy Tuck Garment

Arnica 30 -  Helps with Bruising and Swelling
Stool Softners (as Pain Meds may 'clog' you up)
Dry Shampoo (As I've been told no showering for 2 weeks!)
Wet Wipes
Anti-Histamines -  to help with itching.

Other than the above, I'll obviously be bringing things to keep me occupied during my stay including my phone, for updating everyone, Ipad, which is currently full of movies and TV shows to watch.. and my Laptop as a backup if I run out of things to do. I doubt I'll use the above though, as my guess is that I will probably sleep a lot.

Hopefully, I'm not missing anything. Today, I'll be travelling up to Birmingham, where the hospital is, but we thought it'd be good to spend the day out at Alton Towers for the day to keep my mind off surgery. Hopefully I don't regret the decision. Hah.

For now, my nerves are holding up pretty well. I'm not nervous at all really, not thinking about it all that much or worrying. I'm sure it will be different soon enough and I doubt I will get much sleep tonight. Eeeek!

Question: Ever had Major Surgery? How were your nerves?

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  1. Looks like you have everything planned out very well. I had major surgery in 2011 and I was prepared as well. It really makes a difference because you can't do so many things that you're used to right away.

    I was nervous before my surgery but once the nurse came in and started my meds, I was fine. The only thing I remember is saying I love you to my husband and then they were telling me to open my eyes. My surgery lasted a couple of hours and it felt like minutes to me.

    I hope all goes well tomorrow and you have a speedy recovery. Take care and get some rest.

  2. I do hope it all goes well for you :)
    I am admittedly jealous of your 'new boobs' as when I lost all my weight I went from a 36D to a 30A and it's just not the same..However I'm terrified of needles/operations so not sure if surgery would be for me.
    Anyway have fun at Alton Towers and enjoy chilling out with your new body after :)


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