What I Ate Wednesday #23


Suuuuuper Duper Late post coming up today.

I've just gotten back from watching Need For Speed at the Cinema and didn't have write up my WIAW post during the day.

Need For Speed was awesome BTW, for anyone thinking of going to see it. I'm not a massive car fan but I really liked it and I would go to see it again.

Anyway! I'll keep this super short and quick.. so lets get onto my eats..
BTW, I'm totally aware that I suck at food photography.. and these were kinda rushed and last minute. I'll try to improve!
Breakfast: Quaker Oats Multigrain Porridge with a Tbsp of Pure Honey
Lunch: Salad made with Lettuce, Red Peppers, Sweetcorn, Sliced Carrot, Red Cabbage, Half an Avocado, Slices of Honey Roast Ham with 2Tbsp of light balsamic Vinegar and a Laughing Cow Cheese Triangle on the side.
Dinner: Cod, Lightly dusted in breadcrumbs with Lemon and Black Pepper, Sweet Potato Fries and some sliced runner beans.
Snacks: Snackajacks Rice Cakes, Red Thai Popcorn for the Cinema, also had some chocolate mini eggs at the cinema too, but they're unpictured. ;)

Salads have been the best part of my week so far and fairly healthy and filling too. When I do the salad again, I may choose a different filling like Boiled Eggs rather than the Honey Roasted Ham to be more filling, but other than that its rather delicious.

As always, thanks to Jenn for the linkup. I'm hoping to find some recipes when I have a look at everyone else's posts :)
It's now bed time for me.. I hope everyone is having/had a good day/night ;)
Until Next Time!
Question: What do you like to put in your salads?

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