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I thought I'd provide some of the helpful resources that I have found whilst I was researching about Tummy Tucks and Breast Uplift procedures.

It's a collection of information about the procedures themselves and some first hand experiences from other people (I've found these the most useful).

*** Tummy Tuck Resources ***

Christa Cox
I very recently found Christa when I was googling for more tummy tuck experiences. Christa has very detailed and informative vlogs about her tummy tuck experience. What to expect before and after surgery, how to prepare for surgery and the recover afterwards. She's been doing frequent update son her scars too.

Runs for Cookies
I've been reading Katies blog since I first started my blog and started building up a reader of other bloggers. I noticed she'd had a Lower Body Lift through her blog tabs at the top of her page.

Although her surgery procedure was different to the tummy tuck that I am booked for, I have still found all her posts extremely helpful as there is tonnes of info and a detailed account of how her recovery was after the surgery.

Beth's Journey
Beth is another blogger that I found close to around the time that I started out with my blog. Again, I noticed that she had Plastic Surgery - She had an Extended Abdominoplasty with Flank Lipo, so not exactly the same as me, but again, every little helps with regards to what to expect. She's documented before and after her surgery and has been posting about her recovery after her surgery.

Another blogger, Jen went through a tummy tuck, she's also had the excess skin on her arms removed. She's provided a wealth of information about the tummy tuck, her consultations, her recovery and scar updates.

Makeup Geek
I originally was watching Makeup Geek (Marlena) where I went through a phase of really wanting to get into makeup and watching makeup tutorials *rolls eyes* It didn't happen for me.

Marlena has vlogged about her Tummy Tuck Surgery and recovery after surgery. She also did a whole post on her website about preparing for surgery which I've found massively helpful!

Found Lauren on Instagram. She has had a tummy tuck, she provides information and pictures on her instagram with regards to her scar updates and also vlogged about her tummy tuck and check ins after having her surgery.

*** Breast Uplift Resources ***

Tittilicious(Warning: NSFW)
I'm not sure of the womans name, I'll be sure to ask her. I literally found her today whilst browsing the internet and she's had a breast uplift and then implants as a second procedure. She had the same surgeon as me at the same company so its actually been an awesome resource for me to find out what it will be like.

Breast Buddies
This is an online forum full of loads of people that have had different types of breast surgery, their stories, chances to ask any questions or have questions answered through other peoples questions, it's definitely been a helpful resource.

*** General Surgery Resources ***

This site has loads of information, from reviews, Q+As, people documenting the recovery from surgery. Found some great pieces of information on here and its definitely worth a browse around.

I've definitely found more results for Tummy Tucks than I have for Breast Uplifts, Theres plenty of resources via the forum and the Real Self website.. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place.

It's been helpful to get lots of peoples perspectives on tummy tucks. Everyone has a different experience, everyone has a different recovery so its good to see it from all angles.

So, I'm almost coming up to a month before my surgery date. It's nerve wracking. I'm starting to have dreams about it. Some not so pleasant. I'm not sure whether reading about the surgeries is helping or hindering me at the moment.

I do however think that knowing more about the recovery from other peoples perspectives is going to help me with my recovery and that's the reason why I keep reading about it. I want to be as prepared as I can.

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  1. Great! Thanks a ton for sharing this informative post. I had my tummy tuck surgery done last month and I make sure that I'm updated about the latest trends in tummy tuck and things to be considered in the post tummy tuck surgery period!

  2. I hope your recovery is going well! I can't wait for mine now. Only 2 weeks away!

  3. Thanks for sharing the information.Be patient your recovery will be soon and after the recovery share us how do you fell

    1. Thanks, I'll be sure to blog about it :) Only 2 days left for me :)

  4. tummytuck 20148 May 2014 at 07:56

    Tummy Tuck helps to remove belly weight.I hope your post will help people know about What Tummy Tuck surgery means

  5. tummytuck 201427 May 2014 at 07:01

    Great post about Tummy Tuck .thanks for sharing this experience with us

  6. In tummy tuck the excess skin is eliminated and the underlying muscles are tightened. So as you can imagine the recovery process for a tummy tuck surgery can be difficult.

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  8. You need to remember that tummy tuck isn't just about removing skin and fat from the abdomen area. A tummy tuck can also tighten the stomach muscles that have become weakened over time. tummy tuck cost

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  10. Great resources for tummy tuck. I hope you post more information regarding tummy tuck cost as well. I will be bookmarking your blog and will visit more often. Thank you.


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