Tips To Avoid Vacation Weight Gain


I'm going on holiday to Mexico in Tomorrow for 2 weeks and I've been making a plan of what I will be doing when I'm there and what my plan of action is with regards to maintaining my weight whilst on vacation.

I've come up with some tips that I will be using when on vacation and maybe they'll come in handy for anyone else that might be going away soon, too!

Be Active
Chilling and Relaxing on the beach is awesome, but don't spend ALL of your time lounging around. Take a stroll along the beach, jump in the pool and do some laps,  get involved in the resort activities.

Most of the hotels that I've been to have an entertainment team that aim to have lots of activities on during the week including Water Aerobics, Water Polo and Volleyball. It keeps you active and moving, it's fun and you'll still be catching the rays!

Watch the Drinks
Especially the tropical cocktails. They pack more sugar than you think and can have a LOT of calories. Alcoholic and Virgin.  For alcoholic drinks, maybe consider swapping some of the cocktails for something else, like a gin and tonic, vodka tonics or other, lower calorie drinks and those with less sugar.

Also get into a habit of making every other drink a glass of water, it will help flush out the toxins from your system, will keep you hydrated in the heat and will slow down your consumption of other, higher calorie drinks.
In fact, you should make it a habit of drinking more water on your vacation, period. The heat can take it out on you and you need to stay hydrated.

One Plate ONLY
Buffet Restaurants are the worst. SO many choices of food to choose from and its so easy to have one plate and then take yourself up to get something else. That doesn't mean piling your plate high either!

Just stick to the one plate, you have the whole of your holiday to sample the food, you don't need to have it all in one sitting.

Not as good as you thought? Don't eat it.
I know for me and I'm sure many others, going on holiday to a new place comes new foods that you've never tried before. I always like trying new foods and sometimes you might come across something that sounds great and you really want to try it. However, when you get it, it's not great and you'd rather not have it.

Don't eat it if you don't like it. If it doesn't taste at all like you expected and maybe its on the plain side, just leave it, you don't have to eat it and there's no point in wasting calories.

This mostly goes for desserts. If I like the sound of a dessert on a menu in a restaurant, I get it.. and its not great after I've had some, I won't force myself to eat it just because I ordered it. I just leave the rest and save the calories.

Try to follow part your normal eating routine
Following part of your normal eating routine will make it so much easier for you when it comes to transitioning back into normal eating after you have come back from your holiday.

Normally have oatmeal or eggs for breakfast? Why not have the same whilst on holiday? Make sure you try to include your usual 5 a day fruits and veggies with your meals.

What works for you at home, will certainly work for you on holiday and if you stay active, you can afford to have some treats and still be able to manage your weight with ease.

Don't Stress, Enjoy Yourself.
Its a holiday after all. It's supposed to be a time for you to relax and enjoy yourself. NOT a time for you to be worrying about weight gain and what you are eating, however, It would be much better to come back from your vacation feeling light and refreshed rather than heavy and tired, don't you think?

Just be mindful of what you're putting in.

My aim isn't to lose weight whilst I'm on holiday, instead, my aim is to maintain the weight that I am at now and make it so that I am able to easily transition back into a normal routine after I have come back from my holiday.

I'm going to aim to still have a few posts up during the week even on vacation, I might have a few photo/wordless blog posts of my vacation too, depends how everything plays out. We'll see. :)

Question: Anything tips you think are important that I've missed, that maybe you do on vacation?

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  1. Have a great vacation! Being active and not over indulging are two big points to keep on target. I love going out on the ocean kayaks when available. It's a great workout!

  2. Another suggestion: give yourself a week before weighing yourself. Hopefully after getting back to normal you will have minimized the damage and won't be so down on yourself.

    1. This is actually fab advice! but I never do it as the scale always tempts me to at least take a peak at what I've done. I've noticed though that the weight comes off very quickly during the first week as long as you're back to a normal routine and drinking plenty of water :)


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