Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Monday- Yoga Practice
Tuesday - Yoga Practice
Wednesday - 2.99 mile run and Yoga Practice
Thursday - 3.26 mile run
Saturday -  - 4.66 mile run
Sunday -  5.17 mile run and Yoga Practice

4 runs this week which I'm happy about. My Sunday run was split up into two runs of 3 miles and just over 2 - the temp really hiked up this weekend and was very warm. It's been a long time since I've run in warm temps so it was more difficult than I thought so I came back home after 2 miles and decided to go out later after the temps dropped.

I've also been getting in my Yoga practice this week too which is great. The challenge I've been participating in on Instagram is fun and it's been encouraging me to get in my practice.

Food this week:
Food has been slacking this week. My  breakfasts haven't improved this week, most of the week I still grabbed a yoghurt for breakfast instead of having a proper breakfast. My lunches and dinners were the best part of my week for food and they've been great with lots of veggies includes.

I've been snacking a lot this week, for the most part it was healthy, but some not-so-healthy snacks also appeared this week in the form of chocolate and cake. I think most of my snacking issue has come from that womanly time of the month and should ease up. It always happens.

Goal last week:
1) Stay on Track
I tried with this, but wasn't as on track as I would've liked. My water and green tea wasn't as good as last week. Hot chocolate slipped back into the routine, it's not needed, it's just something I ended up having.

Some rather unhealthy snacks propped up this week, they could have been substituted for a piece of fruit or something else.

Goal this week:
1) Focus on making sure I get a good breakfast
I want to make sure that I'm up earlier this week so I definitely have time to make my breakfast in the morning before going to work.

2) Increase Water Intake
I have been doing OK with my water, but more and more frequently I'm told that water will really help with recovery from my surgery so it's SO important that I make sure everything is good before and after surgery.

So that's it for this week! I need to up the ante on drinking more water and eating healthier leading up to my surgery.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and enjoyed the warmer weather (at least those in the UK!)

Until Next Time!

Question: Whats your favourite food to have for breakfast?

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