Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Wednesday - 3.07 mile run
Saturday -  - 5.12 mile run
Sunday -  5.55 mile run

3 runs this week, should have been 4 but I didn't get up on time on Thursday so I missed my run. I've also been doing some Yoga poses as part of an Instagram challenge, but nothing really worth noting properly here.

Food this week:
Not bad. I've actually been having breakfast this week, which is a big change from just a small yogurt that I've been fitting in and its kept me fuller for longer in the mornings, which was already expected.

I've been having some big salads during the week to fill me up and they have been yummy, but if I'm gonna do them again, I need to change up the topping on the salads as it got boring after a few days.

I re-attempted the Avocado eating with my salads, it has been going well and I'm enjoying it when I also have other things included in the salad and a dressing too but I'm wondering, can you have too much Avocado in one week? as I know they're high in fat (healthy fat, but still fat). I only had half of one per day.. but I'm interested.

Goals last week:
1) Focus on making sure I get a good breakfast
2) Increase Water Intake

Yep and Yep.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I've been having a proper breakfasts this week and its been great. I've felt fuller, not had to snack as much and generally had more energy in the mornings.

Water was on point this week. Or I should say Green Tea as that's what I was mostly drinking, the office has AC on now that its coming into spring time and that means its time for me to freeze.. so I need to keep warm. hah.

I won't need to freeze in the office much longer though as I only have tomorrow left in work before I am off on Holiday. We fly to Mexico on Wednesday, I packed earlier today so its just some final checks of the suitcase tomorrow to make sure I'm not forgetting anything.

I'm only just getting excited. I only get excited for holidays in the final few days leading up to it rather than being excited in the weeks leading up.

Goal this week:
1) Sensible Eating and Drinking on Holiday
I ask nothing else of myself this week. I want to keep my weight under control whilst I'm on holiday. I have a plan all set in my head of what I intend to do for food whilst I'm on holiday and I hope to stick to it to keep me on track.

My food will be similar to what I eat here at home. A healthy breakfast of some sort, staying away from the pastries. I'll have a salad of some sort for lunch or maybe a sandwich and for dinner, I'll make sure to get in some protein like chicken with lots of veggies.

I'm sure everything will be fine as long as I keep my mind on track. I will be allowing some treats on holiday too as I don't agree with restriction, but I'll be sensible about it.

That's it! Sound simple right? We'll see.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.

Until Next Time!

Question: Any particular foods that you enjoy when you go on holiday? Do you stick to a plan or allow what you want whilst you're away?

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  1. Have a wonderful holiday!
    Personally I take my own 'treats' on holiday and try to stay reasonably balanced and active (walking, running, exploring etc) but allow some treaty meals because if you can't relax on holiday when can you?. Saying that I do try to avoid getting out of control because then I find it really hard to get back into normal habits when I return.


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