Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Monday- DYY: Day 24
Tuesday - DYY: Day 25
Wednesday - DYY: Day 26 and 5.53 mile run
Thursday - DYY: Day 27
Friday - DYY: Day 28 and 3.2 mile run 
Saturday -  - DYY: Day 29 and 6.43 mile run
Sunday -  DYY: Day 30 and 3.18 mile run

30 Day Yoga Challenge complete, never missed a day! Proud of myself and it's definitely put a love for Yoga out there. My runs were swapped around slightly this week compared to my usual routine but still completed 4 runs this week which I'm happy about.

I'll be continuing my runs as normal up until the holiday and I'm doing a Yoga Instagram challenge and will also be doing the Do You Yoga 10 Day Abs to keep me occupied.

Food this week:
Food hasn't been too bad this week. I've enjoyed my lunches this week. I had bagels, which I've not had in a really long time and they were filling. I've been having loads of veggies this week along with chicken and wholemeal rice. Breakfasts have been slacking lately as I've been getting up later (with no real excuse) and don't make my breakfast before I leave for work, so I've just grabbed a yoghurt most of this week.

Goals last week:
1) Limit drinks to Green Tea and Water.
Nailed it! Apart from a small Costa that I had at the weekend (as its something me and Phillip do every weekend), I've just stuck to drinking Green tea and Water. It's been good. The water and green tea has helped to stop me feeling hungry most of the time and it's kept me hydrated so positives all round for this one.

Goal this week:
I don't want to force a goal if I can't think of one. The only thing that comes to mind is:

1) Stay on Track
I want to continue with keeping active like I have done this week. Continue with the water and green tea intake rather than drinking other drinks and keep my snacks healthy, fruits and healthy snacks like my Nakd bars are just fine.

If all goes well, hopefully the scales will show a nice lower number for me tomorrow. Fingers Crossed.

Until Next Time!

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