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For full disclosure purposes, I received the Yurbuds Earphones as a gift for Christmas from a family member. I was not paid to write this review and all opinions of the product in this post are my own.
I've been on the lookout for a pair of earphones that would be suitable for working out with, specifically running, for a very long time. I've done trial and error with many different types of headphones and I've not come across any brands that either 1) stayed in my ears or 2) were comfortable.

That's when I came across the Yurbuds Inspire for Women and I was hopeful that maybe I might have found a pair of earphones that would do the job!

About the Product/Brand
Yurbuds was founded by a triathlete and a marathoner, and the company designs earphones specifically for athletes.

The Yurbuds Inspire for Women have been developed for women and are designed specifically to fit smaller ears.

They have a Twist Lock Technology that is guaranteed to never fall out. The earphones are made from soft medical-grade silicone for a comfortable fit and are sweat, germ and water resistant.
To say I was skeptical would be an understatement after already trying a bunch of brands, but I was willing to give them a go!

My Impressions
When I first got these as a gift,  I tried them on before even going out for a test run. I gave them a twist into my ear and was surprised with how comfortable they were. A jump around and vigorous shake of the head.. they didn't budge. So far so good.

I've been running with the headphones for about a month or so now and I'm very impressed! The Soft Silicone casing of the earphones makes them incredibly comfortable for my ears. They don't hurt in the slightest.

I've taken them on speed runs and long runs and I've never once had to even touch them whilst running, sometimes, I've even caught myself on the wire and they've STILL not come out of my ears.
I've not used them for any intense workouts so I cant vouch for how 'sweat' resistant they are or how they would fair under sweaty conditions. However, I've tested them in wind and horrible rain and had no issues.

Sound quality of the headphones is great. Clear and Crisp sound. The only time I had an issue with this, is with our current weather conditions and when its so windy, I can hear the wind more than my music, which can be slightly annoying, but I just turn the volume up a little more and its not so much of an issue.

The earphones allow ambient sounds (which means that it allows surrounding sounds to be heard) great for when running around on the streets to hear the cars around.

At the end of my runs, I have to quite literally tug them out of my ears.

Need I say more?

- They stay put! - Sound quality is great!
- Comfortable and don't hurt my ears. - Available in a range of colours
- Allowing ambient sounds

Wire can get tangled, might have been better with a flat wire for less tangle.
When running in windy conditions,  hard to hear music unless volume is turned up.

I think I'm a convert. These are the best earphones that I've had so far for running and I would definitely buy them again if/when I need a new pair and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone who's struggling to find a good quality pair of earphones that don't fall out!

The Yurbuds Inspire for women comes in 6 different colours and can be found at Amazon and many other online fitness stores.

Question: Do you have a favourite pair of headphones for running/exercise?

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