Monday Weigh In


Last Weeks Weight: 136.4

This Weeks Weight: 137.8

Weigh In Results: +1.4 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 120.2 lbs

A gain this week of 1.4 lbs.

I certainly haven't eaten enough calories to warrant that gain in fat this week.  It's that womanly time of the month and I always gain a few lbs during this time, so I think that's probably the reason for the gain this week.

I've been upping my water/green tea intake and I'm doing well. I've also had a good breakfast this morning after setting my goals for this week.

It's amazing what a better/good breakfast can do for you. I've had one very small snack (rice cake) this morning between breakfast and lunch and I've felt absolutely fine and not hungry.

Question: How did you start off your Monday morning?

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