Monday Weigh In


Last Weeks Weight: 136.4

This Weeks Weight: 136.4

Weigh In Results: -0.0 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 121.6 lbs

Having to re-use the photo from last week. I swear I took a photo this morning but it seems it must not have saved on my phone, I can't find it anywhere.

Doesn't really matter anyway. I maintained again this week. I did everything right, My exercise was on point last week with 4 runs (2 long, 2 short), did yoga everyday last week. Did a fair bit of walking yesterday whilst we were out shopping.

Only drank water and green tea last week apart from a Costa at the weekend. Ate fruits and other healthier treats like the Nakd bars. Healthy meal choices. The whole shebang.

and STILL maintained my weight this week.

Not going to dwell on it too much. I expected a loss after the effort I put in this week and it didn't budge. So I'm disappointed.

It's a new week!

Question: Got anything planned for this week?

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  1. Auw don't be down on yourself..
    I know it's hard because I beat myself up also but I'm (just!) 5'7 and my body really struggles to maintain lower than 133lb some weeks even If I bust a gut I tend to sit at 135/136. I think some of us are just not meant to be super light? You are very slim, in fact you don't need to budge a single lb at all! So try not to worry too much about the scales as you really don't need to! :)

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, I definitely think 136 is my perfect weight, I don't seem to budge from 136 at all. Only trying to loose a little bit of weight to counteract any holiday eats that might occur. I don't want to be any higher than 136 for surgery.

      I might just stop trying to lose weight and instead just focus on making sure that I maintain during my holiday instead. then at least I wont be disappointed each time I look at the dreaded scale! :)


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