What I Ate Wednesday #21


Before I get started! Don't forget that the Twitter Party is on tonight for the #MNBChallenge where Lorna Jane and FitApproach will be announcing the winner of the $1000 shopping spree. I'm excited as I've never been to a twitter party before. Good Luck to everyone!

It starts at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST or if you're lucky enough to live in the UK like me, it'll be 1 am in the morning! Zzzz..

Phillip went to have his next appointment for the break in his hand, fortunately, he's got off pretty lightly and its not serious. His cast has been taken off, it was apparently not necessary but it was probably put on to be cautious. He's just got a splint bandage to keep his pinky and ring finger together and should cause no issues.

It's actually a relief to me, as it may stop him whining so much about him being bored now that he is able too do things again, like go swimming etc whilst he has to be off work.

Anyway, lets get on with my eats for today!
Breakfast: Quaker Oats, Oats So Simple Multi-grain with a tablespoon of Pure Honey.
Lunch: Wholemeal Bagel with Ham, Cream Cheese and Cucumber and salad (Lettuce, Pepper, Carrot, Red Cabbage) with a little salad cream.
Dinner: Red Thai Chicken Curry with Wholegrain Rice and Lotsa Veggies
Snacks: Banana, 2 x Clementine and a Rhubarb and Custard Nakd Bar

I've really been trying to pile in my fruit and veggies this week.

Most of my food has been pretty much the same as this most of the week, loads of veggies with dinner, normally a salad with my bagel and I've been having Bananas and Clementines as snacks.

Definitely getting in my 5 a day this week!
As always, thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons. Go and check out everyone else's posts.. and feel free to share what you've eaten!

I've not actually decided which one of my surgery posts I'll be doing tomorrow, its a tie between questions to ask your surgeon or a list of my surgery resources that I've been using. I'm sure I will have decided by tomorrow and you will see it then.

Question: Do you normally get your 5 a day of Fruit and Veggies?

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