What I Ate Wednesday #18


Happy Wednesday Everyone.

I've had a busy day, I ran this morning, went to work, went for a work lunch where I indulged on some Pizza and then did my Do You Yoga Challenge for day 5 for Abs Part 2. My abs are sore after yesterday's Yoga for Abs Part 1. I also had a 5 minute plank on the cards today with the MoveNourishBelieve Challenge.

Can I say sore abs?! Owwwie.

So, lets get on to what I've been eating shall we?! Other than some Pizza.. ;)
Breakfast: Homemade Mini Banana Muffin (recipe coming soonish) and a Nutri-grain Breakfast Granola Slice
Lunch: Wholemeal wrap with Tuna and Cucumber
Dinner: Homemade Shepards Pie - YUM! Loaded with Peas and Carrots.. although, you can't tell too much on the picture.
Snacks: Ryvita Minis (which I'm addicted to.. and there's hardly anything in them!) Danio Yoghurt in Passionfruit (again, addicted and they're on offer at the moment so more for me, yay!).

I've been really enjoying the snacks I've been having. I've been trying to avoid sweet treats as part of my Vows for Feb.. but if you've been reading, it wasn't going so well, so I changed them slightly..

I'm getting recipes together at the moment to make my own healthier snacks.. I want to make some of my own granola bars and I've heard the ingredient list isn't really that huge so I'm gonna give them a try!
It's Veggie Loving Month for WIAW.. So I'm going to try my best to include more veggies with my foods this month.

My favourite veggie(s).. would probably have to be Cauliflower and Broccoli.  I wouldn't say I was a massive lover of them before.. but when Phillip's Nan came over, she made us Cauliflower and Broccoli with a cheese sauce.

NOT the healthiest thing in the world.. but it was yummy. I LOVE Cauliflower and Broccoli now.. and it would be awesome if anyone had any lightened up recipes that could be used to make a cheesy sauce for them. I actually think I might look for a recipe after I've finished with this post.

As always, thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons. Go and check out everyone else's posts.. and feel free to share what you've eaten!

A Reminder that my next Skin Removal Update will be coming tomorrow where I'll be talking about the first consultation that I had.

Hope you've had a great day!

Until Next Time!

Question: Whats YOUR favourite veggie?

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