Vows of February


Heeeelloo! to the first of February. I hope that January was good to you and that you achieved good things!

January has gone by so fast! I've not even been that busy but its flown by. The faster it goes by, the faster my surgery comes around and that makes me nervous and excited at the same time.

I'll be doing Vows of the Month each month this year, they'll just be goals that I'll set for the month that will help me achieve my goals for the year.

So, my vows for this month..

*** Practice Yoga Everyday ***
I want to get into Yoga so I can help to achieve my yearly goals of being able to do crows pose, headstands and handstands.

I've been slacking lately on the Yoga front and I only did 2 Yoga workouts for the month of January.

I'm gonna do the Do You Yoga - 30 Day Challenge with Erin Motz. Its 30 days of Yoga in 10-20 minute videos that are sent directly to your inbox each day.

If you fancy joining in with the challenge, go to Do You Yoga to sign up!

*** Do a Biscuit/Sweet/Cakes Ban ***
Back in October, I did #nochoctober on Instagram with a bunch of other people. It was originally supposed to be just chocolate but I extended it to other sweet treats.

I did pretty well. I didn't last the whole month, but about 25 days out of the month. They say it takes 28 days to make a habit.. there's 28 days in February, PERFECT! :)

My snacking with regards to sweet treats had gotten a little out of hand and I've mentioned this is several posts before. It's time to put a stop to it before it gets any worse.

I'll be banning everything sweet related, with the exception of a dessert on a Saturday as its family night, which I think is an acceptable decision.


I think that the two vows above should be quite a challenge to stick to just on their own but I'm determined to make sure that I do BOTH of them!

Here's to a great February!

Question: Do you set any smaller goals throughout the year? or just the larger ones at the start of the year? Maybe not at all? Let me know!

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