Trip to A&E and What I Ate Wednesday #20


Happy Mid-week Everyone!

I'm currently running on empty and going to bed after I've written this post. Had a fun and eventful night, last night. Phillip slipped over during his run yesterday, landed quite badly on his hand but thought nothing of it.

12 am last night, he still can't sleep, he's in pain and his hand had swelled like a gorilla's. We took a trip to his mums work and got one of their first aider's to take a look and ask on their advice. They said he should go to A&E to get it checked out on the safe side.

We arrived at A&E at ~12:45 am, spent about 20 mins or so driving round trying to find the hospital car park, which was NOT clearly sign posted.

Had to sit around for around 45 mins to be X-Rayed, another 45 minutes before he was seen by a doctor. Was told he had a broken Metacarpal and needed a half-cast - that took another 30 or so minutes.. Then the 30 minute drive home.

We got home at around 4:30-4:45 am this morning. I didn't get to sleep straight away. I had to get up for wok at 8 am.. So I'd say I've had about 3 hours sleep and had to do a full days work.

Absolutely mad. I'm knackered and totally ready for sleep, but before then.. lets get onto what I ate..
Breakfast: Muller Greek Style Yoghurt with Almond Flavour Biscuit and Dark Chocolate Pieces.
Lunch: German Rye Bread with Lettuce and Carrot Slices, Ham Slices and Soft Cream Cheese
Dinner: Sweet Chilli Chicken with Wholegrain rice and an abundance of Carrots and Peas
Snacks: Muller Greek Style Honeyed Peach Yoghurt and a 9Bar

I was in a rush and was late for work, so a yoghurt was the only quick thing to grab for work, not the best of choices.. but it was pretty yum.

So, I've been trying out some new foods this week. Recommendation of Rye Bread came from Katie at CakeVsScales - I think it's pretty good and its filling - although, I agree with her that it may not be to everyones tastes.

I also spotted the 9Bars in Tescos, full of nuts and other goodies. Completely skipped my mind to have a look at the calories and they're ~220 cals per bar.. so I won't be getting those again unless they have bars that are lower in calories. They are pretty tasty though!

I've been having at least half a plate of veggies this week with every meal which is better. We're completely stocked up on veggies at the moment. Don't forget to get in your veggies too!
As always, thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons. Go and check out everyone else's posts.. and feel free to share what you've eaten!

I'll have my next post for Plastic Surgery going up tomorrow which will cover my Third Consultation. Time seems to be going by so fast, the surgery will be round before I know it.

Now! Time for me to get some much needed shut eye! Zzz.. Zzz..

Until Next Time!

Question: Have you ever broken any bones?
I've been lucky enough to have never broken any bones and haven't been in hospital for anything major *touches wood*

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