Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Monday- DYY: Day 3
TuesdayDYY: Day 4
Wednesday - DYY: Day 5 and 3 mile run
Thursday - DYY: Day 6 -  MNB Leg Workout
Friday - DYY: Day 7
Saturday -  - DYY: Day 8 and 4.16 mile run
Sunday -  DYY: Day 9 and 6.13 mile run

Keeping active all week! Yeeeeaah Boyy. I'm still committed to my Yoga and I've been doing it everyday without fail. I'm REALLY enjoying the yoga at the moment and funnily enough I have Phillip trying to do the poses too which is hilarious.

I've also run 3 times this week, not as many miles as I would have done.. but still something none the less so I'm pretty happy with my workouts this week!

Food this week:
Food hasn't been that bad this week. Snacking has been reduced. I haven't been that bad and the snacks that I have been eating have been fairly healthy. I'm addicted to the Ryvita Minis and I've been having Danio Yoghurts.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I changed up my vows and have allowed myself a little leeway on sweet treats because I was on the verge of a binge due to cutting them out completely. I've only been having 1 healthy breakfast bar each day and it seems to be working OK.

Goals last week:
1) Find a Healthy Recipe and Make it.
Yeah. I made some Banana Muffins. They were fairly healthy, but I do think I could have substituted some of the ingredients for even healthier ingredients.. I just don't know what to sub in. I'm going to experiment with it this week and when I come up with a good recipe, I'll be able to share it with you all.

Goals this week:
1) Try my best with the Nourish part of MNBChallenge.
Theres some parts of the MNB Challenge for the Nourish week that I might not be too good at. Monday is to go meatless and on Friday we go Raw!

I've never done EITHER of them so it will be quite a challenge for me and I want to try my best with it.

That's my only goal. I think I'm doing well with food and exercise this week, i'd just like to focus on the challenges that I'm doing at the moment, I'm having fun with them.

I'll sum up the MNB Challenge for Nourish along with my weigh in for tomorrow. With fingers crossed that I have an OK weigh in.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Until Next Time!

Questions: Any goals you've set yourself this week?

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