Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Monday- DYY: Day 17
Tuesday - DYY: Day 18
Wednesday - DYY: Day 19
Thursday - DYY: Day 20 and 2.97 mile run
Friday - DYY: Day 21 
Saturday -  - DYY: Day 22 and 5.36 mile run
Sunday -  DYY: Day 23 and 5.67 mile run

3 runs and full week of Yoga. Not too shabby. I was supposed to be doing 4 runs this week, but if you've been reading this week, I had a trip to A&E this week with Phillip as he broke his metacarpal, I ended up not getting to sleep until around 5 am and had 3 hours to get some sleep before work so I ended up not running on Weds.

Yoga has been fab. Enjoying it loads. Shame its almost at the end of it. I have 7 days left for the Do You Yoga Challenge after that I'll be doing the 10 Day Yoga for Abs, by then I'll almost be ready for going on Holiday.

Food this week:
Food was OK this week. Had some nice chicken meals this week that we've made with Wholemeal Rice. I had some Rye Bread that was recommended for lunch with Ham and Salad which was a change. So overall, I think I've done pretty well for food. Snacking could have been a little better but I'm working on it.

Goals last week:
1) Get in 1-2 Kettlebell workouts this week.
Nope - I literally have been stuck for time, the Invalid (Phillip) has not been able to do anything for himself this week with his hand, so its been up to me to do everything. That and I've been dog sitting this weekend. No time to myself this week, no extra time to fit in a Kettlebell workout.

Goal this week:
1) Limit drinks to Green Tea and Water.
I've been having hot chocolates and normal tea with milk during the week. I want to stop having them this week and only have green tea if I want a hot drink or water if I want a cold drink and nothing else. It's pretty obvious the benefits from water and green tea and I don't need to be having add calories on drinks.

I've no further goals to set this week. If I set myself a workout goal, I probably won't meet it.  Having to do most of the things around the house is taking up a lot of my time. I've hardly gotten through any blog reading this week, hopefully I get some free time to catch up!

Until Next Time!

Questions: Do you tried or practices Yoga? Do you like it? Whats your favourite pose?

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