Summary Sunday


Workouts this week:
Monday- DYY: Day 10
Tuesday - DYY: Day 11
Wednesday - DYY: Day 12
Thursday - DYY: Day 13
Friday - DYY: Day 14 and 3.2 mile run
Saturday -  - DYY: Day 15 and 4.11 mile run
Sunday -  DYY: Day 16 and 6.21 mile run

Full week of workouts. Still enjoying my daily Yoga. I've been figuring out what I'm gonna do when the month is up but I've found a yoga for Abs also by Erin Motz so I'm gonna do that and then find a couple of videos to cycle through during the week.

Had some bad stomach ache at the beginning of the week. I ended up not running on Weds and Thurs but decided to make up at least one of the runs on Friday. Got in my usual weekend runs too, I'm now running on my own or with Phillip instead of his mum so that I can run at my pace rather than a slower pace.

Food this week:
Food has been OK this week actually. I've been doing Nourish week as part of the MNBChallenge as you may have already noticed from  couple of my posts this week. Its been a challenge but I'm glad I stuck with it and experienced some new thing I would have never really added otherwise.

I hope my weigh in tomorrow is nice to me, but we will see.

Goals last week:
1) Try my best with the Nourish part of MNBChallenge.
I think I did pretty well with the MNBChallenge this week. I thought I'd fail on some of the days but perseverded and tried my best. I had a meatless day, made a smoothie and went partially raw on Friday (by partially, I mean, I ate raw for Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks)

Goal this week:
1) Get in 1-2 Kettlebell workouts this week.
I've kinda neglected my Kettlebells for a while, I want to make sure I get in 1-2 workouts with them this week, they don't have to be long - maybe 20 minutes or so, but its something!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I feel like I've been non-stop all weekend. We've had so much to do and we've been preparing everything for the holiday and deciding on what we have and what we still need to get.

It's 4 weeks away.. what can I say.. we're early starters. hah!

Until Next Time!

Questions: What did you get up to this weekend?

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