Review of February Vows


Where has February gone? I mean.. I know there's only 28 days for this month but come on! Time has flown by!

So the end of the month comes the time where I review my 'vows' that I set for February. I'm thinking I maybe shouldn't have called them a vows as I only held up half the bargain this month.

*** Practice Yoga Everyday ***
I smashed this one! I've actually REALLY enjoyed doing the Do You Yoga Challenge this month, I definitely think I've become more flexible with some of the poses. I enjoy yoga and its a way for me to clear my head and relax after a busy day.
I think I'll be continuing to practice Yoga everyday, I'm gonna do the 10 Day Yoga for Abs that's also by Erin Motz. Could do with strengthening my core a bit, especially since I'm not long off surgery. Every little helps with that!

I've also seen a Yoga 'Bendy' Challenge on Instagram flying around, so I may do that.

*** Do a Biscuit/Sweet/Cakes Ban ***
This one is the reason why I think I shouldn't have called these a vow. Way back at the beginning of the month, I changed this vow slightly. I allowed myself to have some sweet treats but it was limited. It wasn't a complete fail, but I know I could have done way better with this one. I've been having more fruit rather than sugary treats. I've been having raw bars like Nakd Bars too.

I just have too much of a sweet tooth and I need to knock it on the head a little. I have made many healthier choices this month. I've been drinking more water and tea when I get hunger cravings as I find it is just that I'm thirsty and not really hungry.

I'm still proud of how I've handled the sweet ban.

I've half completed my vows this month. I think I saw it coming when I made the vow, but thought by some miracle that I'd be able to cut it out. I'm not entirely sure how I did it last time, but I didn't struggle the way I did this time round when trying to completely avoid treats.

So, we'll be moving onto a new month.. and it's quite a busy month for me but I have no doubt that its also going to fly by very quickly. Phillip and I have our holiday to Mexico coming up on the 18th March which we're both very excited about so we'll be busy with preparation for that.. then it will be my surgery.

I haven't made my mind up about my vows for the month of march, but that post will be imminent tomorrow, so keep an eye out!

Until Next Time!

Question: Anyone have some tips on how to tame the sweet tooth?

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