My #MNBChallenge Week 1 Recap!


So, at the beginning of this week, I posted that I was involved in  #MNBChallenge Event with Fit Approach and Lorna Jane Active!

The week was MOVE.. and here's how my week went down:

Monday - Sweat it Out!
We had to show what our favourite way to sweat was with a picture on Twitter or Instagram, my NEW favourite way to sweat is Yoga. It's surprising, I've really gotten into it and I enjoy challenging myself with the different poses.
I managed to balance my legs on my arms for a headstand, but if I try to move my legs upwards, I lose balance. I'll get better the more I try!

Tuesday - Change It Up!
We had to sweat a new way today! I chose a workout on the Move Nourish Believe called Love your Legs. It was a tough one. I don't normally do exercises that focus on certain parts of the body so this one was definitely a challenge!
Wednesday - Let's Get Planking!
To do a 5 minute plank. If I'm honest, I hated this. I hate planks but like the challenge. Unfortunately, I'd done my Daily Yoga from the Do You Yoga 30 Day Challenge and it was focusing on Abs, just the day before, so my core was SORE!
I struggled with the plank and was only able to hold a plank for 1 minute at a time with a 30-40 second break in between.

Thursday -  Buddy Up!
Now, for this one, I wasn't too sure what I was going to do. All my workouts are done in the comfort of my own home, the only time I exercise with someone else is when I go running with Phillip and his Mum on the weekend so I couldn'd do that either.

I decided to do my Yoga and as usual, my favourite furry thing in the world decided to join my for my workout. For some reason she really enjoys sitting/lying very near by whilst I'm doing my workouts and sometimes I'm worried that I'll trip over her.
I NEVER have a bad workout when she is in the room as she always makes me smile.. So, she was my workout buddy for Thursdays workout!

Friday - Fave Friday!
Annnd then the last part of Week 1 Move, we had to show our fitness favourites. Mine were pretty easy and all related to exercise. First was my Tree of Life Yoga Mat that I got from my Dad and his partner at Christmas. I think the print is awesome.
Then there's my kettlebells and I love finding new kettlebell workouts to do. Then the rest was running related, including my Yurbuds headphones, my Asics running shoes and ofc my Garmin 620 watch.

So, that's it for my Move Nourish Believe recap for week 1. I've been REALLY enjoying the challenge and have been loving getting involved in the community.

I'm quite looking forward to Nourish next week. A lot of things that I haven't done before will be done next week. I'll go over next weeks challenges at the beginning of the week :)

I hope everyone has had a great weekend.

Until Next Time!

Question: Are you participating in the challenge? or any other monthly challenges?
What are your Fitness/Health Favourites?

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