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This is going to be a fairly long post in itself for just covering the first consultation, so unfortunately, I will have to make a separate post for my other consultation, but I suppose its also a good thing, too much information in one is not necessarily the best idea.

So, as I'd already explained in my previous post, The Harley Medical Group was a NO for me. I had already researched a bunch of companies that were potentials and when watching Embarrassing Bodies one night, The Hospital Group was on there for some surgery (I can't remember the procedure).
Image Source from the Hospital Group Website.
I looked them up online that very same night and saw the celebrities that they've worked on, I did some research on the company and some of the surgeons and decided that I would go for a consultation. I emailed The Hospital Group and arranged to see a surgeon at their Cambridge Clinic.

I was booked to see a surgeon on the 30/11/2013. I did not get to pick a surgeon when I booked the consultation, but I am assuming that if I had a particular surgeon I wanted to see, that this could be arranged.

The routine was pretty much similar to that for my other consultation, I filled in a bunch of Medical History Information and waited to see a surgeon(I was waiting over an hour which is the only thing I've been unhappy about).

The surgeon was polite, went through my medical history info that I'd supplied and asked me why I was there.

After telling him I'd lost a lot of weight and had loose skin, he then examined me. As I expected, he did agree that I would need a Breast Uplift and also suggested that I would need a Fleur De Lys Tummy Tuck rather than a normal tummy tuck.

He said that because the skin on my upper abdomen is also loose, a regular tummy tuck would not rid me of all the skin and that if I lean over, I would still have a dangling pouch around my midsection.
Image Sourced from Real Self
It would mean an incision from hip to hip at my bikini line and an incision vertically up my abdomen. 

With regards to the breast uplift, He said I would need implants, I tried on some implants inside a bra to find the best ones that I would like. I tried on implants for my current (unfilled) bra size of a 32D and they seemed to be OK, but I couldn't really tell as they were just stuffed in with the rest of my breasts so I wasn't entirely sure.

After I was examined, I was able to ask any questions that I wanted, I'll cover questions to ask a surgeon in another post.

After everything was finished, I met with the Patient Care Co-Ordinates to go over prices, if I haven't mentioned already, I won't be discussing the prices of surgery purely because it is based on the work that you will need and can be different for everyone depending on your situation. You can get general quotes, but they are not always the same value when the consultation is complete.

I was able to see the surgeons work and ask any further questions. I received a pack with booklets for the surgery procedures I was thinking of having along with a quote for the surgery and that was it!

I went away to think about what I was going to do, whether I was going to go ahead with the surgery with the first surgeon I saw.

This wasn't the case as you've already read. I was GOING to book with the surgeon that I saw, I asked to come in and see the Sally, who is my Patient Care Coordinator so that I could go over some details, ask some questions and look at dates for surgery.

She said that there was another surgeon available on the day that I was looking to come in and after I did some research on him, I decided to go ahead and have another consultation, another one wouldn't hurt would it? This is SUCH a big decision and I needed to make sure I make the right choice.

So I'll cover my third surgery consultation with you next week. I was expecting to get the same outcome from my second consultation with a different surgeon. I was totally wrong.

It's ridiculous thinking about how CLOSE I am to going in for surgery. 8 WEEKS! If this is news to you, I did do another post about the date for my surgery. I can't wait to get it over and done with. I now think its agonizing having to wait for it!

Until Next Time!

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  1. I know you are excited and nervous about your surgery. You can never have too many questions about something as big as this. The time will be here before you know it.

    1. Yeah, I'm constantly firing questions away at my Surgery Coordinator when I have any just to reassure myself :)


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